I saw this on a realm forum..I remember

73 Human Priest
Not for trolls, to remember the good ole days.

I remember being in a guild called Swordmasters.
I remember trolling with my priest, and troll the real Galadrian
I remember learning about ventrilo since this was my first MMO
I remember begging for runs through SM
I remember being excited talking to an Eternals member
I remember grinding and suffering to make my Shadowfrost gear.
I remember...

Now your turn :)!
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100 Orc Shaman
I remember traveling the world for my totems
I remember the random stranger (but not his name!) that gave me some bags and 50g (that was sooo much money back then!)
I remember finally downloading vent and hearing my friend's voices for the first time
I remember talking to the crazy cat lady in Elwyn Forest (on my then-main) and discovering the world of collectable pets
I remember walking into Stormwind for the first time
I remember dinging 80 during Brewfest, and dual-wielding Tankards O' Terror while sporting the "Brewmaster" title

This game is fun! :3
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I remember world pvp in tanaris
I remember trying to lvl off the 3 token pvp daily
I remember discovering Shatt and seeing horde/alliance together in a city
I remember world pvp in the daily Isle
I remember having to run to SM
I remember hitting 70 and flying on my p.o.s. 60% mount from Shadowmoon to Shatt
I remember all the guilds on alliance side who have risen and fallen
I remember all my old friends that have come and gone
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90 Human Priest
I remember raiding x-roads thinking that's what raiding end game was about.
I remember starting an end game guild then gkicking everyone, because I was annoyed.
I remember trolling Aracka, so hard he got pissed, which he did a lot.
I remember some horde used to hang in IF, and excited everyone of SW.
I remember gold spammers, spamming gold in trade every 2 seconds
I remember I joined my first twinking guild, level 19 thinking it was fun and cool.
I remember leveling a warrior to 40, then giving up leveling for a year.
I remember not leaving Darnasuss for my 1st four months, and selling linen cloth for money.
I remember when "GIMPED" was something to aspire to and not be crutched with

I remember when people played on Runetotem.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I remember seeing a fellow druid for the first time and thinking there was a bat form.
I remember traveling from one end of Azeroth to the other for my water form.
I remember fighting for my bear form.
I remember having to run on foot to dungeons like SFK and SM just to have the group disband as I get to the stone.
I remember Delp and Soundwave being more lively on these forums.
I remember when ninjas were black listed and it was ok.
I remember the fail DK Dogthebounty.
I remember stepping through the Dark Portal for the first time and staring at an alien sky in awe.
I remember Runetotem had more of a community... :(
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
i remember on my 1st toon lock seeing a lvl 70 with merciless and wanting my 1st set
i remember 1st time i arrived in SW
i remember my 1st raid in Kara
i remember grinding for money to get the epic flying mounts
i remember grinding everything there is to grind (mounts-titles...) in wrath
i remember how BC was far above wrath and cata... :(
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85 Night Elf Priest
I remember making my first hunter week 1 retail and wondering where my pet was.
I remember my first druid and being so excited to get cat form and then squealing with detail when I saw the tail swish movement was the same as the intro video.
I remember a level 60 priest on that server asking me where I'd been, and telling her that I'd been out studying cheetahs so I could learn travel form.
I remember killing level 60s in x-roads on my 49 twink... over and over and over.
I remember bribing a member of IOOM with a chili recipe to let me into the guild.
I remember dancing in Dal with so many people... where have they all gone?
I remember my first "For the Horde" run with SW and being scared to death and having him msg me when I got lost to help me catch up with the group.
I remember playing a DK for the first time at Blizzcon in amazement as I tore through people in Northrend, and then running Naxx with IOOM on my DK.
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100 Human Priest
I remember rolling a paladin, Bishop, during open Beta and dancing in my underpants with a bunch of other people on the bar in Goldshire.
I remember the first time I rode on a gryphon - looking down at other players questing and fighting below and boggling at the world of Azeroth.
I remember setting foot in my first instance - Blackfathom Deeps - and realizing that I was actually in love with a video game! :O
I remember laughing myself sick with the 5-man group that was fated to grow into IOOM.
I remember wiping the raid group in Mag's lair by using Holy Nova too close to one of the chanelling casters.
I remember Saucy and Andolen standing safely outside the gates of that wipe, kicking back with a /popcorn emote as the rest of the raid ran screaming around the room.
I remember trying to sell the idea that random roll raid loot, tempered by communication, kindness and generosity of spirit, would make for a stronger guild in the long run.
I remember the awful price of pouring too much time into IOOM and not enough time into my marriage and my parenting. (What are you doing sitting here? Get up, shut down the computer and go hug your family, people!!!)

Good times and bad - so many changes! - but the game still holds such a sense of wonder for me, and I hope it does for you too. :)
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90 Troll Druid
I am fully aware how embarrassing the following will be...

I remember being level 25 before I realized what talent points were
I remember thinking green gear was good
I remember using int gear on my hunter because it increased my mana pool
I remember questing in Ashenvale and wandering into Felwood at level 22. I died.
I remember being 80 when I finally learned to keybind
I remember being long 80 before I learned what strafing was
I remember when raiding and the fear if messing up used to stress me out so much I'd get headaches from not breathing enough
I remember realizing at lv 60 I had been using the beginning spell rankings. No wonder that !@#$ felt weak.
I remember when I thought 5000g was SO much
I remember using a default UI
I remember how bad I used to be

I remember my first full tier of progression raiding and the incredible feeling of that realm first heroic clear
I remember how far I've come!
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85 Draenei Shaman
^ This was all a week ago. <3 you Mysstique!

I remember my first druid, my first toon was balance and I'd heal with it and stacked strength gear <.<
I remember also being like wtf dude having to get that thing off the coast of Westfall or w/e for the aquatic form.
I remember my first time in SW was during the WoTLK intro during BC and Abombs were attacking, I thought it was always like that. (It should be)
I remember going to Mulgore on an Ally toon trying to find the prarie dog pet lol
I remember having to go to every city to learn how to use different weapons
I remember having to actually TRAIN every weapon skill in combat
I remember my hunter having stacks of ammo in his bags
I remember my warlock having to use an entire bag for soul shards
I remember having to step outside a raid and duel someone for soul shards
I remember Deadmines as my first instance and a 58 DK running us through
I remember being in an all DK small guild. That went far /eyeroll
I remember Soularia carrying my lock so I could see my first ToC clear and being like WHOAAAAA THE LICH KING
I remember later on I would Water Walk entire raids in ToC 25
I remember as well those long walks to Scarlet Monestary and having to grab each flight path individually
I remember 3 day Nax clears being progression /vomit
I remember Mysstique teaching me about autoloot and me trying to play it cool like I knew about it <3
I remember how awful it was playing this on a laptop without a mouse
I remember trying to quest with zero addons (before the bliz built in questhelper thing)
I remember tabbing out to Thottbot constantly
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100 Tauren Druid
I remember being feral during Vanilla. (sweet jesus...)
I remember my first world PvP: 40 man Alliance raid on Camp Taurajo a week after the server went up
I remember getting ganked by Aimboom in Stranglethorn Vale
I remember Terran Mill vs Southshore epicness
I remember running 4 hour long Alterac Valleys
I remember watching Varn breaking Alliance turtles in AV with awe
I remember Bohkah
I remember when I finally got The Unstoppable Force
I remember when the only mounts Tauren could ride were kodos and wolves.
I remember OLD Affinity
I also remember Warped and Blitzkrieg
I remember being so happy that I was allowed to tank/dps in raids.
I remember the patch before BC and going into AB and mangle-spamming EVERYONE and laughing maniacally.
I remember being the first to hit 70 in my guild and the night I got flight form.
I remember having to kill Anzu for my epic flight form... and how teeth grindingly hard it was, even when you managed to get a good group.
I remember being Stannis's seeing-eye cat in KZ.
I remember how Exalted came to be, and Exitium.
I remember Kryyn killing Gruul with a flameshock (as a healer.)
I remember wiping on Leotheras for 3 months.
I remember downing Illidan and thinking that I never imagined us coming this far back in Vanilla.
I remember Milicic's pep talk: "THIS IS HOW YOU WILL REMEMBER SUNWELL! *Gerrant falls off the balcony* *wipe*"
I remember drunken alt raids in Naxxramas
I remember Grimork's singing (Come back to us! We miss your dulcet tones!)
I remember Topsykret.
I remember the sheer epicness that was Ulduar and Icecrown.
I remember Caeden constantly falling off the edge while fighting Arthas.
I remember being rather non-plussed with raiding in Cata. :P
I remember Hazin's Engrish. "Alright go left and fucus on da buss"
I remember dcing when parachuting into Yor'sahj, and how my parachute failed to open when I came back in. *splat*
I remember too many things for one post. :P
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