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100 Draenei Priest
<Crimson Moon Rising> [US-Dalaran] or, CMR for short, is recruiting to bolster our ranks in preparation for Mists of Pandaria. What we look in a player, is one who is dedicated in maximizing their class to the fullest of its potential. We are looking for players who know how to play with an open-mind to criticism, and also being very skilled at the game in order to push Heroic progression content in the upcoming expansion. If you can't perform up to par with not standing in a raid mechanic, or are on the bottom of the dps/hps charts then you are looking at the wrong guild. We need players who are all pulling their own weight to make the raiding experience more and more enjoyable for everyone because nobody enjoys carrying dead weight.

Recruiting: (due to the ranged dps advantage in the fights thus far in MoP beta content we are favoring ranged over melee in recruiting, but all exceptional players feel free to apply, if you are outperforming a current player we are running you will be given their spot.)

Rogue (HIGH)
Mage (High)
Warlock (High)
Boomkin (High)
Shadow Priest (Medium)
Feral Druid dps (Medium)
Elemental Shaman (Medium)
Monks with Beta experience (any spec)
Holy Priest (Medium)
Resto Druid (Medium)
Holy Paladin (low)

If your class/spec isn't listed it doesn't mean that we aren't recruiting, just simply have a chat with me and I will answer any and all questions you may have about our current roster. We are not recruiting for bench positions, we want you in our solid roster here at every raid.

Loot: We run EPGP loot system which hands out loot to people who show up to raids on time every week, and spreads the loot out evenly so one person isn't going to be completely decked while the other is in dungeon blues. Loot is a progression tool, and it strengthens the raid team to be able to clear through content easier, and more efficiently.

Raid Nights: During progression we run Monday-Thursday 8:45-12 EST, their will also be a 10m progression run during the off nights that will be pushing for top US kills just as the main raid will be. We love raiding, and we will be doing it pretty much every night.

12/12H ICC (10)
13/13H Tier 11 (10)
7/7H Firelands (10)
8/8H (10&25) Server first kills

History: <CMR> was a progression 10m guild that was formed July 6th, 2010 at the end of Wrath of the Lich king with one goal in mind "To become the best guild on server without the elitist attitude, that players can come and enjoy raiding in a great environment" We were a 10m guild that transitioned into the world of 25m raiding and cleared both modes before any other guild cleared 8/8H DS on server. We currently own the server in all server first achievements, so if earning a server first spam across the server is on your WoW bucket-list this is the guild to get it done in. All our competing guilds have left the server and we are all that remain in holding the server's PvE skill together. We are aiming to push top 100 us rankings in the next expansion and we need your help in doing it. A guild is only as strong as it's weakest link, if we have a complete roster without weak players then the leadership and chemistry that is built within the guild will take us to where we want to be in MoP. We all pay to compete in progression raiding, and the thrill of earning a new boss kill in the new tiers. If you are looking to raid in a competitive, yet fun and friendly raid environment then apply now, or add me to real-id if you want to know more, or if you have any questions. Paid transfers may be available to those who are approved through me.


(Your contact may also be iliketurtles)
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No one cares... go away.
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87 Human Rogue
this is azgalor, wrong forums
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08/07/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Broliath

my mom she got me this new game
well it was on a yard sale
it sucks
i was gonna try playing it

it's Everquest 2

druid druid druid druid druid druid druid yard sale
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CMR is a freaking joke...yall dual box farming nodes...i mean galleontimer?! lol yall need lifes yall raid like 5 times a week...such a joke.
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