The Ancients Misbehaving and Seniors

100 Blood Elf Priest
Once entitled Malicious Intent, we are a level 25 guild that is recruiting members that are refective of our new name. Are you older than Yoda? Did you roll a Horde toon for a little bit of misbehaving? Do you believe in honor among thieves and that with the wisdom of age comes the ability to misbehave without aggravating your fellow guildies?

We are a casual, friendly, warm guild looking for new members and we do want our average age to reflect some of that gray-haired wisdom, even if some of the kiids and grandkids hang around.

We are preparing for the Mists of Pandaria! As a guild, we are doing Dog Pound runs to gather up lost and unclaimed pets for our players before Battle Pets start. Once that has started, you can sign up to compete in guild pet batte tournaments (good for the aging seniors who prefer to watch rather than move a lot... oh, and the beer drinkers who frequently see double). Who knows, we may eventually start challenging other guilds to show the raiders that there are most aspects of being "the best",

We are gathering mats to make sure that our crafting seamlessly moves from maxed out 525 crafters of each profession to maxed out 600 crafters for help procurring items needed for the PVP premade team, raid teams, dungeons and leveling needs of our members.

Many of us played since Vanilla and take short breaks to check out competitors and real life, but we come back, roll up our sleeves, and practice teamwork. We also scout out wee corners of WoW that we may have missed or never frequented while leveling any of our many alts. Its all fun.

If you like flexible guilds with guildies who let you be whatever your real life adult age, we want you...and if you are older, we want to amass the relics for real. Nothing token. We like being able to talk about such things as when computers took up an entire room or when 16 k of hardwired ram and a ton of manual switches landed astronauts on the moon.... or... things our kids like as well. If you are honest and trustable with some mischief tossed in....

Come Play!

We have a 7 tab bank vault, Mumble for 25, ventrilo for 30, a website, and a lot of fun players ranging from 1 to 85 (and soon to be 90). We have maxed crafters in every category but want to make sure you are maxed as well, if crafting is your thing too. We are a team of like spirits.
or/and search Who, find an online member and ask for a recruit invite. All members can invite. You will need to sign into the website for promotion to full membership by the officers.
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hey im the bat man
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I joined the guild a few months ago along with my wife and good friend. We realized our current guild wasn't a good fit for us because we were never going to be super elite raiders. We decided we needed to find a guild for older people who cared more about the person behind the keyboard and not their own personal raid conquests. We found exactly what we were searching for in this guild.

The three of us created new characters on Silverhand and introduced ourselves to Tayva, the guild leader of The Ancients Misbehaving. We explained what we were looking for and she welcomed us in, gave us bags and some starting gold, and then she did something I've never experienced before. She took the time to get to know us. She displayed a genuine interest in each and every one of us. She learned what we liked to do, what skills we were working on, and helped rally other members of the guild to help us along. She won our hearts from the very start.

We were never ones to group much due to unpleasant stressful experiences in the past. While some pick up groups are okay, the majority of them turned us off to grouping completely. Since we joined the guild, we have only had the most pleasant time getting to know everyone, participating in guild activities, and even grouping for dungeons. No one ever loses their cool and everyone realizes mistakes are going to happen and dying in game is really nothing to stress over. As a healer, this has been wonderful!

The Ancients Misbehaving is a comfortable guild of mostly older folks doing the things they like to do at their own pace. If you remember when gas was less than fifty cents a gallon, if you ever had to get up off the couch to change the channel on the television, and if you've ever had to use a rotary phone, we'd like to welcome you to join us!

It's as simple as creating a character on Silverhand, entering "/who The Ancients Misbehaving" and introducing yourself to a member of the guild. We look forward to meeting you.

Bonus points to anyone more Ancient than Tayva! = )
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100 Blood Elf Priest
02/12/2013 12:16 AMPosted by Reavus
Bonus points to anyone more Ancient than Tayva! = )

LOL Reavus! I did say people older than Yoda! :D

Thanks for the feedback on how I get people started. It's just what I want to do....get everyone enjoying each other right off.

You guys are wonderful! I'd love to have 100 more of each of the three of you (and then a bunch that are different) in the guild. We have such a great group of people and it would be awesome to have enough at ALL levels for everyone to have a bunch to level or dungeon or "holiday" with at all levels. :) But the thing I love most is how well everyone takes care of each other, even if it means hopping on an alt. It's a nice way to spend the day!

I wish I could talk my siblings into playing WOW. They don't do computer games. I guess I was the only one who wandered into the computer gaming era before and when I was raising my kids. (Thank you Daddy!) My Sibs think computers are work tools, though atleast they never thought they were new fangled and useless. LOL They are gray...I am a gray gamer and it is a fun way to spend retirement!

We have mumble, vent, a website, 7 bank tabs (boy, getting that 8th one is a chore of achievements) and a lot of really nice people. I think I would love to have 800 gray gamers and younger family members who like playing with grandma and grandpa!

To dream....
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100 Blood Elf Priest
So, this is a lot of fun. We are growing in our number of older players, but in addition, we have added a lot of night owls and people from the Pacific Rim: Australia and Asia. I was on at 4:30 AM server time (west coast time) and laughed when I realized that there were 10 members online. I guess that is a combo between regions and leisurely living. :)
At any rate, we are developing a strong commraderie of people interested in low stress and game diversity. It's pretty awesome. If you are a gray gamer, please come roll a baby alt on Silver Hand and search who for a member to invite you or go to to apply. We are looking for seniors and almost seniors and other kindred spirits to join us. :)
The Ancients Misbehaving
Silver Hand Horde
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Yoda is a friend of my grandson.

I have to second what Reavus said. This guild changed my mind about WoW. What a comfortable and fun place to be.

I'm a bit of a noob - only been playing a few months, and though I learn reasonably quickly, I was finding it unpleasant dealing even with lower level players in low level dungeons. It's one thing to be a low level noob and quite another to be a low level player with 9 other 90 toons.

No problem in Ancients. We are more about the friendship and camaraderie than going fast and winning most. We are patient. And still, I bet I'm leveling faster here than I could have anywhere else.

Without my guild friends, I might have quit WoW. Now I have a place to call home.

- Memdian
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Time for another update to invite seniors and other older players to come join our level 25 guild on the Silver Hand server. We have a lot of different players who play a lot of different parts of the game and everyone is pretty much encouraged to play the parts they like and invite others to join in. Our main growth focus is with older aged players who have any amount of experience with the game.

We join up with some other family guilds to do world bosses (great friends) and gather our own for LFRs and dungeons or Battle Grounds as well as doing runs for hunter pets or battle pets. Everything gets included as our member groups form in large enough numbers want to do something.

We do have some young'uns. It seems that our kids and grand kids sometimes think that their ancient predecessors are awesome for playing wow and wanted to join the guild too. For the most part, they do their thing (very respectfully) and meet up with us when their (and our) moods suit. We've set some tight rules on messing with our rocking chairs and they seem okay with that. As I said, we all do what makes us happy and when they feel overly rambunctious, they know to do it somewhere else. :) It makes for a really great time and an easy way to see grand kids who live hours or days away.

We are a level 25 guild with all the perks to include BOAs and some of the mounts and pets. We are working on more achievements for more guild goodies as well. Plus we have a 7 tab guild vault, Mumble with multiple rooms for different activities and/or age groups, Ventrilo for even more diversity, a website which is much underused as everyone prefers to exchange information in the game, and members from level 1 to 90 with WoW game experience varying from starting this year to starting in beta. Our youngest member is 5 and loves pet battles. We only have a few minors. Our oldest is over 70. As GM, I am working on my 6th decade and love it all, but the friendships most.

Search WHO for The Ancients Misbehaving on the Silver Hand server and ask anyone about the guild or for an invite. All members have the authority to invite. We have a 2 week recruit period to let you check us out and for us to see how well you fit in as well. Or you can either go to our website at and apply there or ingame with the WoW guild finder tool. The fastest way is to roll a toon and talk to us though!

We have over 300 members but I confess that many of out members love alts so hard to say how many are part of those. We invite you to do the same as you learn to love our guild environment and the people we have. :) Three of us are in the top 10 horde side for pet collections. Come find out who we are!
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100 Blood Elf Mage
I had heard a lot about Warcraft but had never tried it until June of 2012. I had my worries about playing an online game. As an individual who turned 50 that same year, I always believed this type of game to be for the younger folks. However, within a few weeks, I discovered what a guild was and immediately began my search for older players with whom I would have more in common. I was invited to join The Ancients Misbehaving and have not regretted it since. Everyone has been extremely helpful and I've made several new friends. If you are older and want to associate with individuals who remember watching the moon landing live, then give us a shout. We'd love to have you!!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Ok with the impending Silver Hand - Farstriders connection it is time to update!
We have added a horde guild called the Social Security Office on Farstriders to gather membership before the connection. We encourage people who want to reroll or are looking for a guild currently on Farstriders to join us there as our little guild is set up to handle new toons of older than Yoda players. We will all share time in Mumble and when the connection occurs we will be using a mod to allow seamless conversation in guild chat between guilds. You are welcome to choose which guild you want to leave your characters in at that time, but the Social Security Office is currently a low level guild for applicants whereas The Ancients Misbehaving is a level 25 guild full of already obtained perks!

Should you be alt nuts like our officers, you should know that this will give you 22 toon spaces between the 2 servers and if you are like I am, toons come in alliance and horde as well as in green, blue, blood elf pink and other assorted complexions. No problem. We have affiliated sister guilds on the alliance side....and did I mention mumble for staying in touch? No need to be alone just because you are questing alone. And, no need to quest alone when you can find someone at level to run around with who is also OLDER THAN YODA or in a slower mode in life.

If you aren't into rocking the rocking chairs of fellow guild mates but would rather enjoy a good game of WoW with them, search for online members of either guild and ask for more information about joining or use the guild finder tool. Or visit our website at, but regardless of how you get in touch, let us know how to catch you online as well!

OH! And BATTLE PETS!!! Need I mention pet collecting? We have some awesome collectors! Come share the hows and wherefores.
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90 Dwarf Hunter
I wish to join fellow old people. :)
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100 Blood Elf Priest
So, WoD is coming soon and a handful of us oldie but moldies want to start out progression raiding right off and actually succeed. With that in mind, we were bless with friends of friends who moved over from another server with the intent on raiding and one is a very good raid leader. :) Woot! We aren't elitists... we just wish we had first in server skills. LOL

If you plan to commit to progressive raiding and will work at your gear and skills, this splinter group in our guild is looking to develop a new team of 100s as soon as we have power leveled a raider to that level. We want kind-hearted game competitive raiders.... the ones who think friends are more important than mistakes while learning.

If you like farming, or tailoring or gathering or any of the more sedate activities in wow to include rocking in your rocker and chatting in mumble and are getting on in personal years.... (maybe haven't seen Yoda in awhile but know him).... Come sit with our altoholics who only want to raid in a less precise manner (old content maybe?)

We have it all for the Yuppie generation and their friends and descendents.

Search Silver Hand Who for TheAncientsMisbehaving or shortened versions of that and ask for an invite... all members can invite recruits... officers turn them into family.

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Updating this:
We are using Mumble instead of vent and looking for more who are interested in raiding. We do so on a consistent date but aren't into elitism, just learning teamwork and having fun. We are currently teaming with a friend guild to ensure enough consistent players and have recently switched to Blackrock. We'd like more that are in our guild and want to raid. In all honesty, many of our older folks like garrison stuff, professions, pets, pvp old raids, and mount collecting. Everyone does what they like. We want more that like raiding without pressure as well. :)
Whisper once on server for an invite. Find someone on Ancients Misbehaving and if you search WHO and shorten it, just go for misbehaving as there is a guild named ancients. :)
See you there!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Well, I am up to 685 unique pets and still collecting. I have guildies with more and a few that are rapidly catching up. The new expansion keeps me too busy to keep all of my alts that are 100 current on new content. I do have too many garrisons and not nearly as many shipyards. I have been in the latest raids with a group of friends that gather to try something more than LFRs. I am almost at another free mount for mount collections but others in my guild are better there. I guess my alt progress is good but mine are my babies and I feel like I have abandoned them. I answer a ton of questions for new players as do all of my members. I figure if I am old enough to mentor Yoda, I can handle helping a few newbies. We help as we can. When we can't, we point out research sites and give use tips.

We'd like to do another big push for Seniors who want to gather in a guild that wants and loves old folks. Retirement and Wow go well together. Disability and Wow go well together. Family and Wow go together. My granddaughter is in the guild with me. She's 7 and likes pet battles. She can't read much and doesn't really need to. She has almost 200 unique pets and a level 65..but has had some help there.... from everyone.

I'd like more people like Denivan who watched the moon landing from somewhere in this country at the same time I did. We are so comfortable together. Come join us.
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