I am currently looking for a very social guild (most important point to me) that will let me join them into the core raid eventually ( not right now, not geared for heroics DS ). When september arrives I will be able to make between 4 to 9 ST during week. Have a great experience and a lot to talk about it (so more info if guild insterested). Guild I was previously were 1100th world rank in BC and 750ish in wrath.

I mainly play boomkin and paladin, I can play all classes very well and have almost all 85 toons.
Other than that, more likely looking for a good guild willing to put effort, improve via TCrafting and parses comparaison. Raiding 3 days or more a week.

I know I ask a lot , anyway MoP is still far away so I'll wait to see if any guild available for me.