Why was...

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... our 10m raiding guild progression post locked?

It also looks like our "Active guilds" topic was reported?
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the person maintaining the threads had not updated them in about 4 months.

just like the old ones before these, when the poster does no update they get removed.

read the quote in the active guild page... or here ill post it

I don't know how many times I have to report this post to the stupid moderator that this person no longer plays/raids/exists in wow.

the ORIGINAL threads were removed because of this situation, and now the new person maintaining the thread is not active.

There are several reasons why inactive threads for progression should be removed; misleading information can cause people looking for 25 man guilds to transfer, only to find out the new guild is 10 man. Progression that is out of date can cause people to NOT want to join certain guilds. unexpected guests are 8/8h, but people might look them over because the progression thread still says 5/8h, which would cause people to ignore them and try for other guilds on different realms.

essentially if the threads are not consistently updated (like weekly), then they merely harmful to the Shandris community. Who would want to come to a server with 1 8/8h guild? we have 4 8/8h now, but that out of date information will kill the server if it remained.
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With the inactivity of people on this forum and the fact that progression is not exactly the end all to be all on this realm there really isn't much need of a progression list IMO.

Once a guild does something that is of note a post is more often than not made and the guild is recognized for their achievements. I don't see why we need a list that has 3-4 guilds that have most of the content down and about 20 others with 2-3 bosses downed. I think most of us know who the guilds are that put in the work and have a shot at realms first are since there are so few.
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I stopped updating it because it was pretty pointless at that point, people were not making progression, everyone, other than verdict was stuck at 6/8H. It was mostly used for our forum and our realm as prestige, really doesn't have any other use, any person looking to come here for guild progression is not going to make our forums the first stop, they will likely look at wow progress or guild ox.
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