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I honestly think that the ONE that posted this FREKI, was wrong and pathetic, he lost the roll, and was trying to get Shel to roll for him! also i was there and NO one even cared about the fact that Chrizon recieved the loot "bloods" he was just upset at the fact his friend didnt win the bloods so he is trying to make everyone hate Fractured! in all honesty this is one of the best guild i have ever been in! most guilds will not give you the time or day to help you out! as you can see in the pics we did roll on everything even if we needed it or not! A DK with a main hand agility axe must of been carried ALL the way through the raids! NOW thats sad!
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So, I received a bit of hate mail from Rep today. In TRUE Pnc fashion, I will be posting this hate mail on the Horde Auction House at a 1 copper bid, spamming about it in trade, and seeing what happens.

I'll hold some sort of event for whatever it goes for, giving the gold to the winner(most likely an arena-style gankfest.

So, keep an eye out for both, I'll keep ya posted!

Stay classy Fractured.
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Note to the puggers: we care for our own, dont like it then cry more and gtfo

Whether you're in the right or wrong in this situation the above is just completely wrong. Sets a bad reputation for your guild. Pugs are just as important cause they were the people who stepped up and helped your sorry !@# guild when they couldn't fill the spots themselves.

08/09/2012 03:24 PMPosted by Reprivàtion
Real talk...Dk using agil axe from DW

No'kaled > LFR weapons.

If he can't get HoM or another Souldrinker from normal No'kaled normal is a viable choice.

but oh well.. baddies are going to be bad. Stay small.
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... he lost the roll, and was trying to get Shel to roll for him!

Actually, I don't even know Shel, and Shel was rolling for his/herself, he/she just didn't care who got it. The value of the loot does not make it okay to distribute it in the way you did, also when you invite a PuG member to a raid, it is the norm that he will be equal treatment to everyone else in the raid, and if he isn't going to be given equal treatment, you should usually let them know. At the end of the day, its not the fact that I didn't get the bloods that made me upset, its the way some of the Fractured guild members behaved, and how they treated me as a member of their raid.

One of your raid members actually tossed me a sword that I wanted for Transmog, and today one of your guild members messaged me for quite a while and even apologized for the behavior of his guild. These two people are the two nice people I have met from Fractured.

08/09/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Destroyrr
A DK with a main hand agility axe must of been carried ALL the way through the raids! NOW thats sad!

This made me laugh, considering all my gear is either from LFR or PuG DS runs where I pulled my weight and usually was top 3 on DPS. The reason I have No'Kaled is because it was otherwise going to be disenchanted, and it was better than what I had. If you don't believe any of that, you can ask one of the Corpus Sine Pectore guild members I ran with, who all were very nice, and they treated all the raid members with respect, I'd run again with them any day, especially after going 5/8 H with them and getting an Invite to their guild after the raid based on my performance. So please, never say I am "carried"

Also, for good measure I'll provide a Chronology of the ICC raid I had with Fractured:
Kill bosses up to Festergut and Rotface, contributing the entire time.
Kill one of them, blood drops, I roll higher than the two others that can actually use the item, Shel and the Fractured guild member. The loot goes to the Fractured Guild member, and apparently its because I'm not on the quest.
I go downstairs to get the quest, while they are taking a break, get back, kill Rotface, Shel wins the roll, loot goes to Fractured guild member.
I alt tab, make the original post and then alt tab back in, they have engaged Putricide, they all die, and then. I am kicked from the group.
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08/09/2012 03:24 PMPosted by Reprivàtion
Real talk...Dk using agil axe from DW

You do realize that for master frost, the axe is near BiS, competing with Souldrinker. The proc is nuts. DPS difference is like a few hundred between the axe and sword iirc.

But that comment is coming from a pretty fail troll so I shouldn't be surprised.
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