Exploiting the Weakness

85 Night Elf Druid
*The following papers are found on a dead sentinel messenger, one of many messaged packs that were distributed to all sentinel generals, commanders and even footsoldiers in Ashenvale. The pages, bluntly, describe the Horde Seige weapon systems*

To all Sentinels and Commanders

Thanks to Warden Kyalin's expert advice, I have been able to reveal the intricacies of the Horde Siege systems, most notably the Goblin Zepplin, the Goblin Shredders mark One through Ten, and the Horde Demolisher mark One through Five. Current makes are on these pages, and their weaknesses are as follows:

Goblin Zepplin: They can climb to a height much greater than most hippogryphs, gryphons and other flying creatures can sustain, making assaults upon the balloon difficult. The wooden underside, however, is quite light and plyable under the engine, so as to make it less hard on the rest of the machinery. It can be pierced with a strong enough ballista bolt, but since it's too high for that, use fire or a portable explosive to blast under hit and shut down the engine. As well, managing to sever the ropes near the engine itself will unbalance the machine greatly.

Goblin Shredders: Marks one through six suffer a terrible weakness at the left arm, forcing it to pause for the ballasts to re-align every three strikes. Strike at the elbow joints at this time to unbalance it further and send it through a racketing little shaking process. Marks seven through ten suffer structural weaknesses at the back exhaust and the lower left propulsion system near the legs. Pierce it, and it will not be able to operate properly.

Demolishers; the back wheels are never aligned properly because of the weight of the launcher itself, causing them to be structurally weak even with constant maintenance. Shattering that wheel will stop the demolisher from moving. As well, the loading system can be jammed with an easily placed arrow or spear blocking the very bottom of the loading bay, causing it to cease firing.

*The list goes on, naming hundreds more weak points of much of the basic Horde siege weaponry and explosive systems. Attached are full schematics of Goblin technology of the weapons involved. From the look of the fallen sentinel that held them, evidently the documents have already made their way through the Ashenvale armies. There is a signature at the bottom of the main letter*

Tear down those dumbygreenmen!

Alor'El Leafwrench, Greengineer of the Phlogiston Brotherhood.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Kyalin found herself answering to Tal'rada again, looking over a reproduced copy of the notice, shaking her head.

"It was my idea for her to disseminate the information, but I know nothing of their engineering... the wording was off."

"Then what am I supposed to do about this thing!?" Tal'rada protested, holding a busted up mechanical squirrel.

"Go find a gnome or something!"
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90 Night Elf Druid
*stares at the papers in total confusion, then lies on them and goes to sleep
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