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Dear Gundrak

Equinoctis (HM/8/8) is currently actively recruiting for people who are keen on a structured raiding environment for the rest of Cata and also in MoP.

Raid schedules

1. 3-day schedule [OPEN RECRUITMENT]
Gundrak Realm Time: 900pm-1200am/100am (Wed, Thurs, Sun/Mon)
Add note: Speak to Farquarl/ Faythlesca in-game.

2. 4-day schedule [CLOSED RECRUITMENT]
Gundrak Realm Time: 930pm-1230am (Wed and Thurs) 1030pm-1230am (Sun and Mon)
Add note: Closed.

3. 3-day schedule [OPEN RECRUITMENT]
Gundrak Realm Time: 11pm-2am (Wed, Thurs, Sun/Mon)
Add note: Highly recommended for GMT+8 players. Speak to Turagh in-game.

Please refer to the following links for more information.
  • Application Template
  • http://equinoctis.wowstead.com/forums/recruitment/1693436-mop-raiding-application-template
  • Rules and Regulations
  • http://equinoctis.wowstead.com/forums/recruitment/1578530-to-applicants-rules-and-regulations-for-equinoctis
  • How to submit applications
  • http://equinoctis.wowstead.com/pages/news/287401-application-for-raiding-in-equinoctis-for-end-2

    About Equinoctis (Official Biblio)

    ( feel free to scroll to the bottom for the TL;DR version)

    Equinoctis is a semi-hardcore guild that was created during the Cataclysm-expansion in late Jan 2011. While the guild may not have had a long history, it is comprised of players who have prior experience from progression raiding in Vanilla, BC, Wrath. The guild has since completed the Cataclysm expansion, ranking as Alliance 1st on the Gundrak server on the Dragon Soul tier. Our pool of members come mainly from Australia and Singapore, with some from United States, Phillipines, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Presently, Equinoctis conducts 10-man raid sessions with 2 x 10m rosters, and is
    also in the midst of considering a GMT+8 roster. The groups run on Wed/Thurs/Sun and/or Mon. We aim to complete each tier of raid content while enjoying each others' company. As such, we emphasise the importance of refining our individual playing skills through constructive feedback. Regardless of background and experience, if any player is committed to self improvement, we will also be committed to helping them work on and develop their raid-related skills. In addition to performance, our recruitment is also based on the overall chemistry and character of the player. We strive for mutual respect and conduct ourselves appropriately within the guild, as well as to the rest of our server. As such, we will not tolerate any abuse or unfair treatment to any member and disapprove of all hurtful and self-centred behaviour.

    In general though, we are a really casual lot of friends who understand the need for structure for serious raiding to be done. If you're interested in applying to any of the raid teams, please consider speaking to our raid members for a chat to get a better sense of how we are like before submitting your application.

    About Equinoctis (TL;DR Version)

  • We take raiding fairly seriously.
  • We have extensive forum guides that are meant to help and educate players of all backgrounds interested in PVE raiding.
  • We have rules.
  • We prioritise building a friendly, encouraging and stable community. Our guild may not be able to meet your needs if you're only looking for high-end raiding without the strings attached.

    Thank you for your interest. For more information, please refer to our Recruitment Forums (http://equinoctis.wowstead.com/forums/recruitment) or contact any of our members in-game.
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    xomg too much to read..
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    85 Draenei Paladin
    Oh! Sorry. Aha. I suppose it might be!

    Though we figured that the few extra minutes of detailed reading is the least bit of useful info we can offer to anyone who might actually be interested in spending hours of potential wipe-fests with us. :)
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    08/05/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Sarakiel
    Dear Gundrak

    08/05/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Sarakiel

    08/05/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Sarakiel
    actively recruiting for

    08/07/2012 08:29 AMPosted by Sarakiel
    hours of potential wipe-fests with us. :)

    Fixt bb :>
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    That's a bit rude.
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