<Aloha>H Hawaii/West Coast guild recruiting!

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We are a new guild looking to expand our numbers. We are active around 10PM server time since most of us are from Hawaii and the west coast. We are mostly PvE oriented and have arena groups within the guild. Our members are laid back and try not to take the game, loot, or having the best looking xmog too seriously.

If you are interested or have questions please message myself, Hutref, or any of the members online!

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why can't there be any allie HST guilds
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Howsit fellow 808er. We're a mostly Hawaii and Hawaii-grads-in-Cali friends guild here ourselves, just droppin a shaka on your thread.

gl with the recruitment and success to ya
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08/24/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Charlíesheen
why can't there be any allie HST guilds

Humble raids 9-12PM Tues/Thurs as alliance - we may be useful for you!

And to Aloha - Good luck and getting set up! Our time zone is a tough one!!!
Hopefully you guys have better luck than Alliance does getting this time zone set in Dragonmaw!
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ya'll do pvp too?
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My son and I moved to the big island several months ago, and would like to join a Hawaii based guild, but we both have some questions before we spend real money to server transfer at least 4 toons. Who is the best person to contact with these questions? Do you have any players in Kailua Kona area? My main is a prot pally named Tonkatoi, alt is a sub rogue, both on mannoroth, my son's toon is a monk tank. Got room for those?
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hey there! I am a ilvl 489 tank..looking for a Hawaiian guild..my raid times for the mainland guilds are all messed up. I need a new home. If you have room for a tank let me know. Add KingNatas#1425. I have done MSV and HoF. I know the fights for ToT and ToES. Hit me up guys .
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Seems most 808 players are Horde. I might have to create a Horde alt. My guild times are not working for me. Need a HST or PST based guild/server.
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Howzit! Welcome to Dmaw! Can't wait to gank you!
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Hello, I am a long time player who has recently come back to the game and I am (and always will be) looking for a late night raiding guild... Or just a guild that is active later in the evening. I usually play my Lock, but I have 7 level 90's so there are options. I really like that you guys are active at 22:00 and beyond!!!!
I would love more information... If you plan on raiding, I am very cool with flex raiding too ( I have tanked/DPS'd both wings of SoO). Heroic scenarios? I am easy going 34yo so I am all about no drama and I am a family man.
Just looking for a new home late night after the kids are down :)

I would have to transfer servers so I just want to talk a bit and see if I am a good fit.

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Hey everyone, I'm a player from the Big Island! would love to join in any hawaii-side shenanigans if you guys have anything going on in the late nights. I do have... 11 90's all together I think, don't really count them, hehe. I have SoO experience 14/14 normals, and 5/14 heroics! I don't mind anything lower or just some where to kick back and hang. Would love to be around my own time zone since I'm always like... 5 hours behind everyone! I'm Holy/Prot but still fighting with myself if i should make my prot a ret instead of not, feel free to give me helpful feed back on that if you wish fellow pally users! my btag is Sylvanas#1520 , hit me up :D
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@Alystiraeda: Way back there used to be a guild from Big Island <KAHU> (on Ally side).
Really great people, i'm sure some of them must still be around.

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@Èrel thanks bro :D
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I'm an active player that's looking for an active Hawaii based guild as well.
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100 percent Aloha here!!! We all Hawaiians or Hawaiians at heart!!!
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Sup Hawaii!!!!
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Looking for a guild from Hawaii on Ally side Any server, Also I have a PVP based Guild on Cenarion Circle-RP server ally side called Almost Famous
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I'm the Gm of Almost Famous- Cenarion Circle and I'm from Hawaii, looking for more Hawaii based players to raid similar times.
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Add meh EvilpixeL #1992
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