I'm a recent xfer looking to start fresh on a new server. I have a lot of raid experience going all the way back to vanilla, and I have friends on other servers that can vouch for my abilities. I pew pew good and I don't stand in fire. I can also make vent entertaining with conversations about politics, the weather, and how proficient your mother is in the bedroom.

I haven't done any real raiding since March and I'm looking to get back into it ahead of MoP. I admit my gear is outdated at 391/394 iLvl, but as mentioned before, I'm returning form a hiatus. I'm also in the process of changing professions (JC just shy of max).

I'm not afraid to take criticism and always welcome anything that will make me a better player.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach, roofies, and Gnomes that share their feelings.