Disgruntled is looking for another healer to round out one of our raid groups, Team Honey Badger. We're especially looking for a priest (either disc or holy), but would consider a holy pally or even another type of healer if you seem like a great fit. Right now this group is 6/8 heroic DS and is very close to a Spine kill. Have a look at our recruiting info below for more details:

Disgruntled of Whisperwind (PvE, CST) is recruiting!

Why Choose Disgruntled?

In our experience, people looking for a new guild are looking for three main things: stability, maturity, and quality raiding. Disgruntled delivers all three.

Stability: We recognize how disheartening it can be to join a new guild only to have it collapse after only a few short months. That won’t happen here. Disgruntled is celebrating more than 5 years as an active and growing raiding guild. We fully intend to maintain our presence in WoW for as long as the game is viable - and perhaps even into [gasp] the next big thing.

Maturity: Although we are one of the larger guilds on our server, we have successfully cultivated a fun and family-friendly (PG-13) atmosphere. Above all, we make it our mission to obliterate drama wherever we find it. As a result, we have attracted a mature membership with a lot of blue and white collar professionals. Our average member age is well above 30. Guild chat is lively and, at times, risqué, but it's definitely not a high school locker room.

Raiding: If you are looking for serious, long-term, progression-oriented raiding, but you aren‘t interested in raiding every night of the week, we definitely have you covered. Most of us have raided since vanilla and through each expansion we have maintained a competitive raiding force. We can’t promise server-first boss kills or that we’ll be at the bleeding edge of progression raiding. We can, however, promise serious raiding in a well-organized, stable, and professional environment. Most of our raid groups run on a two-night-a-week schedule. Rest assured that no one will ever yell at you or curse you for any reason.

Currently we have two 10 man raid groups that run regularly. The raid group with a current opening, Team Honey Badger, runs raids Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 to 10 pm server time (8:00 - 11 pm eastern) with invites going out 15 minutes prior to raid time. We use a need before greed loot system.

There’s a lot more to tell about our guild, so we invite you to visit our website at http://www.disgruntledguild.com and take a look around. You can also check out our current level of progression by visiting http://www.wowprogress.com (if you want to see our long-term track record, be sure to check our progress over multiple raiding tiers).

Are YOU Disgruntled Material?

If you wish join our ranks, click the "Apply" button at the top of our main webpage for instructions. Once your application is posted, a guild officer will respond within a day or two (at the most) to arrange a short vent interview.

Remember, come visit us at http://wwww.disgruntledguild.com!