Mckenna/Lsannta slash fiction, make it happen

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I know everyone wants to read it. Here's your first line:

The balmy Tol Barad weather belied the icy nature of Lsannta's heart, a cold rivaled only by Mckenna's ice block.
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Then they both slit their wrists.

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Go mcknna
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Then they both slit their wrists.


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Then they both slit their wrists.


Not reasonably believable, neither one actually realizes how bad they are.
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LOL checked you out on the armory. Your raid gear is impressive but other than that I don't see anything exceptional about you.
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The echo of clashing blades could be heard in the distance. A great battle was in progress, with the honor of many soldiers on the line. Among these soldiers were two of the greatest heroes the factions had ever known: Lsannta representing the Knights of the Ebon Blade and serving the will of the Horde. And the cold hearted terror Mckenna, with the unmoving resolve of an iceberg he served the Alliance.
Mckenna was one of the only heroes that King Wyrnn could entrust with protecting the bridge of Tol Barad, the strategically vital choke point which served as the only escape from the battle. It was a task he took great pride in, and nobody had ever crossed the bridge alive without his blessing, for he and his underlings made quick work of any enemy who dared try.
Lsannta was one of the death knights risen by the Lich King who had managed to escape his control. He now served Garrosh's Horde as one of it's greatest champions. Regularly did he lay siege to the great kingdom of Stormwind, and while he has not yet succeeded in bringing down the Alliance, he feels that he will soon change.
This is the tale of two of the greatest heroes the world has ever known and their epic struggles in the biggest battle Tol Barad has ever seen.

To be continued..

(edited to fix a few was really early when I wrote it up)
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^^ that is some funny !@#$. Very creative. :D
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08/07/2012 10:19 PMPosted by Mckenna
LOL checked you out on the armory. Your raid gear is impressive but other than that I don't see anything exceptional about you.

your teams rating speaks volumes of your supposed superiority in PvP. Seen you run like a noob when my fesh 85 charged into your pocket healer on several occasions lol

Just sayin
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His lack of 1550 makes my nipples hard.
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By faction they were adversaries, but as souls of Azeroth, they were the closest of companions.

One Alliance, the other Horde - a love so forbidden, would this realm allow them to express their desires? Or could they only embrace one another in the spirit realm?

The Orcish Knight of the Ebon Blade, Lsannta, and the citizen of Stormwind, Mckenna, meet on the field of battle. A longing look in the mage's eye draws the attention of the muscular orc. Having admired each other for so long from afar, the Death Knight faces his greatest battle - within his mind, he knows it is wrong to use his dark powers for love. His grip drawing from the powers of death pulls the mage closer, but the human instinctively blocks himself in ice.

From within his tomb of ice, he faces immediate regret.

Mckenna thinks to himself: "Why, why must I shield myself from my enemy? He is of the Horde, but I can feel in his dark grip a connection - a love for what is truly inside me. When this icy barrier falls, I should... no I must feel his touch!"

The orc waits patiently, puts down his sword and sheds his shield of blood, knowing the time for fighting is at an end, and the embrace he has been waiting for in countless lives is near. As the block of ice melts, and the two share their first kiss, the death knight feels a feeling in his heart he has never felt before, a dagger pierces his heart as McKenna watches in terror.

Lsannta falls to the ground, and Mckenna sees Hobo standing behind where his true love once stood.

A massive explosion of arcane energy greater than Azeroth had seen before fills the air around him, in its wake, we are left with nothing.

To this day we are not sure exactly what happened, some say he blinked away in the shame of fraternizing with the enemy, others say McKenna /quit for the very last time. It is this author's belief however that you can see the two in an eternal embrace out of the corner of your eye every time you're running back after a wipe, for a brief moment when you spawn at the nearest graveyard, or each time you see a rustling in the shadows whenever you /kiss emote.
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Wrong type of fiction?
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I can't believe this is my first forum post :(

They met in Tol Barad. One an orc desperate for glory. The other a human with a reputation to uphold. They found themselves facing eachother on the bridge. Destiny brought us together this day thought Lsannta. He could feel it in his death loins. Both warriors, poised for battle, slammed on their respective keyboards like frenzied apes. "Blow ALL the cooldowns!" they yelled into the cold morning air. A death grip was expelled like a premature !@#$%^-*!. It connected with the mage and began to pull him into the ravenous maw of one Lsannta Sinclair. A paniced reaction led to an iceblock. But this was no ordinary ice block. The spell was cast right as the death grip united both manly steeds.

In the middle of the Tol Barad bridge stood a glacier displaying two ironclad titans. No chainsaw could carve a more beautiful swan than this. The two warriors now trapped in ice were forced to work together to free themselves from this icy prison. Lsannta looked to his death grip and noticed a rise in Mckenna's magely robes. The gripping beam found it's way under, exposing the ivory white shanks of our hero McKenna, holding firmly to his ice lance. The two knew what had to happen here. Almost instinctively Lsannta started spamming his death grip hoping to generate enough friction to melt the icy walls. It's not gay he reminded himself. Just don't look him in the eyes. But he could not. Their eyes met and for once there was peace between the Horde and Alliance. "I'm no fire mage but you're about to proc a hot streak" McKenna said with hesitation. Slowly but surely the ice block melted.

Lsannta colapsed, spent from doling out death grip handies. He looked up at McKenna and saw a determination he never saw before. Will this be my end he thought, preparing for the worst. He slowly rose, dripping with ice block water and his own runic juices. "You're not getting away" said McKenna. "You started this game and you'll see it through to the end." Ice formed at Lsannta's feet, holding him in place. McKenna then became four. Each mirror image had a hunger in his eyes that no meal could satisfy. No meal other than Lsannta's unwilling body. The mirror images descended upon Lsannta like starving honey badgers. Ripping away his armor they found their meal. And feast they did. The mirror images took what they wanted and ignored the screams from the now convulsing orc. There was no race, no class, no faction. He was nothing more than a hole for these wizardly gang #!%%*%s.

The mirror images faded. "What now McKenna?" asked the now disgraced orc. But McKenna was gone. In his place stood a portal to Stormwind. McKenna took what he wanted from Lsannta and left. One silver and 38 copper was found laying on the ground. Nice of him to leave cab fare thought Lsannta. He finished crossing the bridge and never returned. From that day on McKenna's ice block would always feel just a little empty.
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Rage, you forgot to work in something about turtles...

Here, I'll help. And I quote from the great Zombie Kid..."I like turtles."
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Kinda think Healypants hit the nail on the head there. Well done, sir. /highfive
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bravo, people
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