The Cookies

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The sun was setting when Gentyl walked into the keep. She had some paperwork to pick up and supplies before trudging on to the tower.

Good. They had delivered the cherry grog. Traveller would be happy. Valor was still stuck on wine. Thankfully, no one really cared to share their wine with him so the horse still viewed it as a treat and not part of the daily rations like Traveller did.

"Sepha?" one of the guards said from behind her. "Someone here to see you."

She turned around and looked up from a bill of lading. The man was medium height, of medium complexion and medium build. If someone had wanted to create average, he was it. Even his voice was medium. It was quite disconcerting in a way. She usually found something remarkable about people that fixed them in her memory. He's the one with the bright blue eyes. She's the one with the soft voice.

She smiled. "How can I help you?"

"I have a delivery, ma'am." He pulled two boxes out of a bag and set them on the table. They were pristine white with lovely dark blue ribbons carefully tied about them. The room filled with a heavenly scent. Her stomach growled in response.

"Oh, my. I don't know what that is, but it smells delicious." She turned away to set down the stack of papers and fetch some coin for the courier. When she looked up, the man was gone.

"How odd." She pulled one of the ribbons loose carefully, always fearful of an explosive. There was nothing but a large box of divinely dark chocolate cookies. "Who could have sent these?"

((Here's the deal. Someone delivered some cookies to Pia. They smell delicious. Pia will be passing them out to people when we chill in Bruuk's or the Recluse. The cookies may be just cookies, enchanted, poisoned, cursed or have whatever effect you desire. This was started by another person. I think I got that right. I'll also check and see if I can reveal his identity.))
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100 Human Paladin
Gentyl pulled a cookie out of the box. Mmmm so yummy smelling. She got two more and put them on a plate.

Disco came toddling through the keep dining room with a box of parts. He set the box down and hopped up on a bench, then peered into the cookie boxes. "They smell delicious, Sepha. Obviously, you didn't bake them."

She ignored jab and poured some tea leaves into her cup. "Hi, Disco. Any bombs in there?"

He looked at her plate and raised an eyebrow. "You're going to eat all those?"

Commander Turncutt wandered through with a cup of coffee she suspected was liberally dosed with whiskey. He kissed her cheek. "Afternoon, m'dear. You going to eat all those?"

"Why yes I am," she replied.

Suddenly Disco dumped out all of the parts on a table and started blasting a gnomish siren.

"The fel are you doing?" she yelled over the siren.

"Building an emergency armor opener to get you out of your armor after you eat all those cookies."

Turncutt laughed and winked at the gnome. "Always looking out for my darling wife. Thank you, master gnome. Be sure and start on the greaves first.

"You two aren't nearly as funny as you think you are." She got up from the table and stalked out, leaving the cookies on the table.
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100 Human Paladin
Gentyl boxed up some of the cookies and sent them to be delivered to various friends. Everyone loved cookies, didn't they?

((This is some fun, silly rp. If you want an enchanted cookie let me know and I will mail you one. As stated before, the effect it has on you is entirely up to you.))
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