Darkmoon Deathmatch, Thursday @ 9pm server

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Basically it was a trick bribe. I was only told that it was to stop the horde and everyone that participated got a split of the pot. From the info I had, the rules for the pot changed the day of the fight.

Horde is right, (gasp), he basically circumvented the paid runs Skunkworks as advertised. (Unless I'm confusing them with the old paid for GnS runs and Skunk doesn't do paid runs.)

If I had shown up for this and the rules changed at the last second I probably would have grabbed the box also. I definitey would have grabbed the box if I knew of this post prior to the event, I didn't see this until after the event.

It's basically a matter of obsfucation, misinformation, misdirection and deceit on Oluf's part.

It was originally advertised ONLY as Alliance vs. Horde. This BS of only 2 people getting the box was an after the fact day of the event moment.

My opinion of Oluf is lowered, as is my opinion of the people that harrassed Manerva over her grabbing the box.

(Don't mean to resusitate a dead thread, but finally got to talk to her after weeks of waiting to ask what happened. Sounds like she got whisper bombed by a ton of people not even aware of this event either, all over his prize pot.)
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Darkmoon Rabbit was more eventful than the deathmatch. lol
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Lol, that was fun. I had no illusions about stopping them. I was just hoping to CC the healers long enough to cause the tank to go down and cause at least one wipe. They had 20 people before I even was able to start recruiting.

The pisser is our raid got invited to Kor'gath afterwards. Their DMF bunny was glitched and stuck in perpetual evade/grey. So we didn't even get a shot at rabbit that had no competition.
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Wow, Josh is still crying on people's shoulders about that a month after the fact? I think I ruined someone's e-life, and I wasn't even trying to. That is awesome.
Edited by Oluf on 9/9/2012 6:26 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Never spoke to Josh only the lady that got harassed.
Edited by Fadekyn on 9/10/2012 5:44 AM PDT
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