Hey there, Hellscream!

I am a pretty heavy raider when it comes to a site known as openraid.us - If you haven't heard, it's a free site you can sign up on that helps you do cross-realm raiding.

This isn't an advertisement or something that I'm getting paid to do, I'm letting people know because a) I want more people to raid with and b) I could always use sign-ups on content!

Just about every week I do full clears of BWD, BoT, Tot4W, ICC, ToGC, and more; best of all, nearly everything I do is on 25 man (except for H RS). This includes metas, hardmodes, and other good stuff.

So sign up and check me out today! Tonight I need more people for Throne of the Four Winds and my BWD meta. But I have other raids scheduled throughout the week if you look up this toon (Saltbutter). If you sign up from seeing this thread, give me a shoutout in your app comment! :D