Scavenger Hunt Results and Puzzles!

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You've taken pictures for us in your sexy outfits(ooh la la). You've graced us with your lyrical prose, and flexed your eArt skills. Now get ready to exercise your brain parts Llane. Introducing the Judgement "Scavenger Hunt" contest! Here's the deets.

Sunday 08/05/12 at 5PM server it will start. I will be in Stormwind spamming Trade with the first "Puzzle/Clue". Once you figure it out, it will lead you to your first location. Once you arrive there, you will open trade with the person stationed there and receive a letter. On this letter will contain the next puzzle. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to decipher the puzzle and head to the next location. Once you figure it out (if you figure it out muahaha) you will then trade your PREVIOUS letter to the person stationed there and receive your new puzzle (mission). The first person to make it through all of them will win ... wait for it ... an 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul Clear AND the Lifebinder's Hand-Maiden mount from Heroic Deathwing. We will also be giving away an 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul Clear to the runner up. Loot is not guaranteed, however, there will be plenty of heroic loot available (tier, DW weapons, etc.)

No cheating! The persons stationed at the different locations may or may not have the <Judgement> tag, but they will be distinguishable.

You are all free to help each other, however, there can only be one person in first place and one person in second place.

You MUST have the letter from the previous location to turn in to get your new letter. (*HINT* for those of you who are observant there MAY be an overlying theme to the locations)

Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from the event.

Spamming of the first clue in Trade Chat will stop at 5:30pm server time.

There you have it folks. Have some fun. Solve some puzzles. Get a mount, title, and some loot.

See you all there!

<3 Kapp


If you are able to make it past the 3rd puzzle, you will receive 100 gold per puzzle you have completed. I.E, you have completed puzzle7 and are working on puzzle8 when the contest ends you will receive 700 gold for the 7 puzzles you previously solved!

Congratz to Renshaw and Ajhersch on getting 1st and 2nd and thanks to everyone who participated! As most of you figured out, the "theme" was that each answer to the puzzles started with letters that spelled out JUDGEMENT! Here is a list of all the Puzzles and their answers!

J - Jadefire Glen - Puzzle: A felony has been committed in a forest between demonic creatures arguing about the difference between sarcasm and satyr. Rumour has it the crimescene is a Greenblaze Vale.

U - Ulduar - Puzzle: Who need's helpers? I just want head! (Oh you're naughty, gimme a kiss!)

D - Deathwing's Fall - Puzzle: Neltharion's Descent

G - Grizzlemaw - Puzzle:
In our home and native land,
I'm not in the west coast nor the east coast
I'm not in the rocky mountains
I'm not in the great lakes
I'm not in the rivers
I'm not amongst the civilised
I'm not amongst the sane
I'm not amongst the giants

E - Eastvale Logging Camp - Puzzle: Asetevla Glggion Acpm

M - Mossy Pile - Puzzle: 13 15 19 19 25 16 09 12 05

E - Eclipse Point - Puzzle: Solar/Lunar doesn't matter! Boomkin paradise!

N - Noxious Lair - Puzzle: Trapped between Dinosaurs and Pirates you will find me. Resources stripped by scuttlers I am now a breeding ground for the race with the most infamous run back of all time!

T - Tor'watha - Puzzle: Though I still have me name 'mon, I am long gone. Marosh be in Zeb, but I be empty...'mon.

This was an extremely fun event, and I will add in the screenshots everyone took that were stationed at the different locations for the contest!

Keep your ears open for our next contest!

<3 Kapp
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90 Human Paladin
this was great fun, thanks everyone for participating <3 Llane
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
IMO best contest so far :D
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