Old Fashioned Southshore vs Tarren Mill Fight

90 Night Elf Druid
I'm trying to setup a nice little world PvP. Fight, trying to get atleast 40 from each side for this.

Monday, August 6th @ 10pm. Lets get this going instead of us just attacking org.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
This is how I imagine it going.

Alliance: "Alright, we got 127 alliances here, let's go attack Terran Mill!"

Meanwhille at Terran Mill.

Three PGB members and an undead lowbie is chilling out.

PGB member #1: "Do you really think we can take on 40 of them?"
#2: "Of course! We're not called the 'Radical Squad' for nothing!"
Lowbie: "gimme gold plz, my account got hacked, need 4000 gold."
#3: "But Radial Larry doesn't even exist, and the fourth one is out with his family!"
#1: "At least I got this Relic of Argus in case things go down!"
#2: "Oh, I see them coming! Ready your station men!"
Lowbie: "o !@#$, time to go quest in stonetalon"

He attempts to get to the flight master who is then tagged by a rogue.

#1's spy addon spams his computer.

#1: "whelp, too many for us!"
#3: "I wonder why whenever we asked for peeps to pvp with us, they just go 'lol' and then troll while measuring their epeens"
#2: "Who cares, let us hunker in this very tiny house"

*stamper stamper stamper*

Alliance #1: I see them! Oh, one of them has a Battlemaster title of him!"
A #74: "And is... that 'Dragonslayer Dragonslayer' I wonder how much he paid for that title"
A #22: "I'm so gonna make a thread about how we are pwning those guys"


PGB #1 has already used his last relic via bubble while two druids + sushi try to maul him down along with a 85 warrior that didn't have shattering throw binded.
#2 is horribly mauled.
#3 got gibbed by a multi-boxer DK who spammed death grip to him when he was flying.

The lowbie never survived, he proceeded to corpse-walk all the way to AV's entrance where he is slightly safe from DoTs.

Also, while fighting, Sushi got a Bane of Doom on him. He immediately casted cyclone, ran 50 yards away, jumped around casting all HoTs on him, and turned in a bear, rinse and repeat.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
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70 Undead Rogue
I don't know what fantasy land the OP is living in where Manno Horde actually exists, but I want in on it.
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90 Human Paladin
quit living in the past and accept the present
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88 Orc Hunter
good one just wait =p
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85 Human Rogue
I'll join the Horde side on my lvl1 Bank alt. My flashy suit and white items will distract them Ryure's hit squad sneaks around the main force and assassinates the leader of the alliance force.

...!@#$ shouldn't have told them my plan.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Fine, I'll just keep camping org. I get bored ya know.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
08/02/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Yeshou
Fine, I'll just keep camping org. I get bored ya know.

>these kids are still impressed with themselves over this
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70 Undead Rogue
08/02/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Yeshou
Fine, I'll just keep camping org. I get bored ya know.

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