The 19th Infantry Division - [Forsaken Guild]

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Undead humans and elves freed from the Lich King's control, the Forsaken are a strange and dark force. Hailing from the twisted, skittering darkness of Undercity, the Forsaken are nominally allied with the Horde but serve only themselves. Their objectives are twofold: eliminate the Scourge, and establish a place for themselves on Azeroth. Four years ago, the high elven Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner fell in combat against the Scourge. Prince Arthas raised her as a banshee and compelled her to follow his command. When the Lich King's power waned in the incidents surrounding the Frozen Throne, Sylvanas harnessed her fury and tore herself free from his skeletal grasp. She freed many other undead as well, and recruited powerful allies from the Burning Legion and the surrounding ogre clans. Sylvanas dubbed her new force the Forsaken, and the undead established their capital in the labyrinthine crypts beneath Lordaeron's capital city. Their sprawling, subterranean realm is called Undercity. The Forsaken made allies of the Horde out of necessity and convenience. They have no love for orcs, tauren or any other living creature, but they need time to strike against the Scourge and allies to help them do it. The Forsaken claim that they joined the Horde to prove their desire to leave their evil ways behind, but no one really believes this. The Horde accepts the Forsaken's help, as they do indeed have a common enemy: the Scourge.

OOC Information regarding the nature of the guild: This guild is indeed an umbrella guild. It encompasses most, if not all of the Forsaken. This guild is an in-game PLAYER CHARACTER representation of a SMALL FRACTION of the Forsaken. The entire population of the guild roster is NOT, I repeat, NOT the entire population of the Forsaken faction. We represent a fraction the military, apothecaries, navy, and general populace of the Forsaken body.
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Accepted Races: Undead

Forsaken Commoners

The normal Forsaken usually takes what they were in life and applies it to their undeath. Others may choose to follow a new path given their second chance. No uniforms/ranks are needed for this group. Feel free to be whatever commoner job you wish, blacksmith, leatherworker, perhaps even just an entertainer.

Accepted Classes: Rogue, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Warlock

Commoners [0/x] - Commoners make up the population of the Forsaken at large.

Undercity Census

With many of the Forsaken constantly moving in and out of the capital, one has to be tasked with keeping track of the inner workings. Deeds, taxes, permits, and many other bureaucratic work is done solely through the Undercity Census.

Royal Overseer [0/2] - One of the select few Overseers of the Census. These chosen have been known to lead well in their bureaucratic duties. Overseers are often tasked with allowing deeds, watching over the Scribes, and fulfilling any paper pushing work needed to be done.

Scribe [0/x] - Members of the Census, their task is some of the most tedious work possible. Their job range includes things such as, taxing citizens, delivering deeds, reviewing claims and appeals. The real bureaucrat.

Accepted Classes: Rogue, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Warlock
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The Forsaken military has been one of the most feared militaries in all of Azeroth. It's only competing enemy being the Scourge. Unfaltering in their charge, be it injury, sleep, weather, or terrain; the Forsaken war machine marches upon their enemy.

19th Infantry Division of the Forsaken Military A.K.A. "The Graveyard Shift"

The livery of the 19th Infantry Division of the Forsaken Military ("The Graveyard Shift")

Accepted Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Death Knight

High Commander [1/1] - The High Commander aids in the leading of the Forsaken Military. He is one among many. He has power to command both the guard and Deathstalkers, and their leaders. Often his input is used when there is confusion or qualm over course of action between the leaders of the two, but will directly give orders if necessary and as he/she may see fit, but often will not.

Lieutenant [0/2] Warrior - Trains soldiers, sends them out to fight, sometimes even leads them into battle. He does not lord over any of the Deathstalkers or its units.

Death Knight [0/3] Death Knight - Death Knights loyal to the Banshee Queen are seen as both powerful and valuable. They are often seen commanding soldiers on the the field of battle. They hold no more power than the Dreadguard.

Dreadguard [0/5] Warrior - On-Field leaders of Deathguards. Elite Deathguards. Dreadgaurds also serve to train soldiers in downtime, much like the Lieutenant.

Deathguard [0/x] Warrior - These make up the main force of the Forsaken military.

Vanguard [0/x] Warrior - Much like Deathguards, these serve in the main bulk of the militarized force behind the Forsaken. Their difference being they serve as shock troopers on the front lines, charging forward into battle with spears and polearms alike. They will train alongside Deathguards and are of equal rank.

Sharpshooter [0/x] Hunter - Sharpshooters of the Forsaken are known for their impeccable aim, for they have no need to steady their weapons from the tremors of breathing. They are the riflemen and archers of the Forsaken.

Engineer [0/x] Wariror, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Warlock - The engineers often are found working alongside the Apothecaries when constructing explosives or other volatile armaments. Engineers are those charged with the task of construction, upkeep, and operation of Forsaken Siege Weaponry.

IMPORTANT: The Engineers make up a sub-division of armored units held by the 19th Division known as the 19th Armored Division. They are still under the jurisdiction of the Sergeant and High Commander. (The nickname given to the 19th Armored Division: "Crypt Rippers")

Recruit [0/x] Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Warlock - The recruits are aspirants for the military of the Forsaken. They have enlisted and have potential to be anything, but will most likely be directly placed into a division based on their skill set. (ie. Former soldiers would be deathguards, former archers, bowmen, crossbowmen, etc. would become sharpshooters, etc.)

The Deathstalkers

Deathstalkers (also known as "Darkstalkers") are highly trained and extremely dangerous. They are rightfully feared as the best assassins in the world not only for their skills, but because they are undead. Deathstalkers have no need to eat, drink, sleep, rest, or even breathe air. They never feel physically tired and possess tremendous willpower. Deathstalkers can remain submerged in water indefinitely without any need to rise, and can wait as long as it takes for their target to arrive. They can even pose as corpses, since by all means, that is exactly what they are.

Accepted Classes: Rogue

Deathstalker Commander [0/1] Rogue - This is the Commander of the Deathstalkers. He Commands his assassins with the utmost precision, skill, and insight. He does not lord over any of the guard or its units.

Deathstalker [0/10] Rogue - The Deathstalkers make up the bulk of the force within the Commander's cadre. They are trusted with the most difficult and complex assignments that call for them. They may also be charged with helping train Initiates.

Deathstalker Initiate [0/x] Rogue - The Initiates are the trainees and aspirant assassins of the Forsaken. They have been handpicked for their skills and potential.
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An apothecary is a Forsaken witch doctor. Apothecaries are a new sight on the battlefield, and unique to the Forsaken. Like acolytes, apothecaries are support soldiers, administering potions and alchemical brews to heal and strengthen their allies. The apothecaries are new to their role in war, and rarely takes a place in the front of battle. They are an extremely useful support soldier, however, carrying a variety of potions and alchemical brews with which to reinforce the lines and keep everyone in top shape. If pressed into battle, They imbibe a strengthening elixir and use their enchanted daggers. Their Healing domain is both useful to their living allies as well as their liberated undead brothers, and deadly against the Scourge.

Accepted Classes: Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Hunter

Head Chemist [0/1] - The Head Chemist aids in the teaching of the apothecaries as well as directing their labors and research within his lab.

Apothecary [0/x] - The Apothecaries are the chemists of the Forsaken, making plague, brews, and elixirs. Some of these may be used in battle in conjunction with artillery or seige weapons. For example, the use of plague barrels.
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Almost every rank has a specific uniform. Yes, I will require these to be met hastily and to the best of your ability and especially so if you are one of the military ranks. The Forsaken is a militaristic society - when you look around you will see Deathguards wearing almost identical equipment.
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Looking to join? Send me a quick application!

Character Name:
Rank Desired:
Brief History:

If you are applying to be an officer position or Death Knight (Lieutenant, Head Chemist, Royal Overseer, Deathstalker Commander) I require an extended history of your character's life and death from the year 20 to 30 on the King's Calendar.

Send your applications to
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