Consequences, 6/8H, Recruiting DPS!

90 Tauren Shaman
Consequences is a 6/8 heroic raiding guild, urgently in need of a hunter. We cleared 6/8H in three weeks of raiding, however we need to fill these slots to continue progressing. We currently raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 to 11, with possible fluctuations come MoP.

About Us:

Consequences is led and run primarily by a group of friends, and former fellow raiders, who returned to raiding a month ago in order to kill heroic Deathwing before MoP launches. We fully intend to continue pushing heroic content when MoP launches, and for the foreseeable future.

What to Expect of Us:

  • A close knit environment that knows how to take a joke (and there will be plenty).
  • Repairs/Flasks/Potions covered for raids.
  • Flexibility with times; many Consequences members are students or have other demanding schedules, and we make a point of keeping your needs in mind when scheduling raids.
  • Progression; while we're all here to enjoy playing the game, what we enjoy is downing bosses. If killing dragons is your top priority, we'll get along just fine!
  • Friends! Many of us play other games, and you can usually find someone in vent to hang out with; we're here to have fun, after all!

  • What We Expect of You:

  • Consistency; everyone makes mistakes, but in order to down content on our schedule we each need to give our best the entire night.
  • Humility; we will, at some point, give you constructive criticism on your performance. When that happens, you must be willing to take it in a mature manner that displays your desire to improve.
  • Know your character; understanding the mechanics of your class and how you can utilise them to their potential is a requirement to get through difficult content.
  • Heroic raiding experience. While we don't expect you to match our progression, you likely should have some hard mode experience from content when it was current. Either way, you will have your performance accessed, so this point is more flexible than the others.
  • A positive attitude! While the previous points may seem serious, we really are here to play a game and have fun as a group of friends. Raging will not be tolerated.

  • Feel free to ask here, or whisper one of the following in game for more info or to apply:


    We play lots of alts, so ask around if you can't find any of us. Don't be shy, we don't bite!
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    Windyfim only swears once every 2-3 years. You should raid with him!
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    87 Blood Elf Paladin
    My favorite guild is recruiting? Whaaaaat?
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    My favorite guild is recruiting? Whaaaaat?
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    90 Tauren Druid
    Bump for comp in MoP!
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    90 Orc Warrior
    We may need a tank, as ours has gone off to college without a clear idea if he will continue to raid. We are 6/8hm on farm, with 2 plates down on spine in ~15 attempts. Pref Blood Death knight or Warrior.
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    90 Tauren Shaman
    Bump for needing a new hunter because ours kept wiping us on spine
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    90 Orc Warrior
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