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So I've been reading warhammer 40k for the past two years straight and while I love all of the books I feel I need a break to another series of sci-fi fiction. What are peoples opinions on the warcraft books? I've spent many hours reading wow-wiki in the past so I know a good deal of lore so will these offer more insight?
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My impression after reading the first few chapters of War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity was that they were awful and I'd rather stick with or nothing at all. I can be a violent critic, though.

If you liked anything by Orson Scott Card after 1990, or R.A. Salvatore before 2010, you probably wouldn't mind reading the Warcraft novels. I did hear that Golden's books were better than Knaak's, though.
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forget what Verelyse says, the warcraft books are AMAZING, though you may have a different opinion =.=
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If you can get through Weiss-Hickman or R.A. Salvatore then you can slog through Knaak's WoW books. My opinion was that they're not the best books I've ever read, just OK.
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Umm...they're pretty terrible...make your own story! Or read A Song of Fire and Ice
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Day of the Dragon: Not bad, especially considering Knaak pretty much invented WoW's dragon lore with it.
Lord of the Clans: It's okay. Not a huge fan of the Horde whitewashing that started happening at this point.
The Last Guardian: Excellent book, especially from a writing stance. Plot was pretty damn good too.
War of the Ancients Trilogy: Time travel sounds stupid at first, but you almost forget about it, because you're dealing with so much fascinating lore. I think Knaak did this piece of history justice, for the most part, especially since it featured his two best characterizations: Deathwing and Azshara. Thrilling, enjoyable, imo.
Rise of the Horde: Great. Rewriting the old old Horde as good guys is definitely a retcon, but I still think Golden made it obvious the orcs were, for the most part, at fault for what happened in the novel. At least I hope that was the intention, as most orcs outside of Durotan seemed either weak, stupid, or power-hungry. Still, enjoyable.
Tides of Darkness: The writing is iffy, but it deals with probably my favorite parts of WoW lore: the Second War. The Horde is the Horde. No whitewashing. We see the Alliance in both its darkest hour and its greatest triumph. An enjoyable read, if you appreciate the story.
Beyond the Dark Portal: Similar to the above, especially with all the tie-ins to Burning Crusade. The Turalyon-Alleria love plot was pretty insipid, though.
Arthas: Rise of the Lich King: It's been a LONG time since I read this, but it's pretty strong. Again, rides on the subject material. Arthas' plot is an incredible one, but was already dictated by Blizzard. Golden was just translating it into a novel.
Stormrage: Pretty bad. The first half is very boring and the characters are all over the place. Took me forever to get through it.
The Shattering: It's alright. I might have to read it again, it's been forever. Not too cohesive, though.
Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects: Green Jesus is pretty insufferable in this one and the plot's all over the place, but the writing itself isn't too bad. Just Thrall pulling Nozdormu out of his !@# with no explanation in-game was rather irksome.
Wolfheart: It's no WOTA, but it's no Stormrage either. Takes a while to pick up in the beginning, but is overall an alright book.

That's everything I've read so far. I think the majority of WoW books are strong as WoW books alone (although none would be very powerful by themselves) and the Knaak hate is a little unwarranted. I put him around the same level as Golden.
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Golden's books about the old horde are amzing.
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WotA Trilogy- This wasn't bad at the time, but I am intimidated to go through them again. The best thing I can say about them is the amount of lore that is in that book.

Night of the Dragon- I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit. I'm not sure why people are hating on it.

Lord of the Clans- I love this book, although it was the first one I read. Such a good read though, Golden's ability to make you connect with the characters are properly showcased.

Stormrage- I was really excited to read this one...and really let down. It's extremely obtuse and confusing at times, pretty clunky towards the end, and maaaaaaan is the pacing bad. Read only for lore purposes.

Rise of the Clans- Another great read, very enjoyable.

Arthas- This book is a must. Outside of Tides of War, it is probably the best one to read. I believe that this is the book that takes everything Golden does right, and then mixes in some great characters. Seriously, knowing how it was all going to end, and STILL feeling emotion with this book is an achievement.

Tides of War- Another great book, and possibly the best. My only complaints come from some of the events/reveals/deaths being predictable. As a Horde player, this book made me actually think about where my character belongs in the world.

The Shattering- Pretty good, although kind of slow. It takes a while to get where it's going, but the characters are generally well written and well thought out. Want to read again.

Twilight of the Aspects- Parts of it are really good, parts of it are really bad. Good filler, especially if you want to learn more about the lore post Cataclysm, but possibly my least favorite of Golden's novels. The Korialstraz/Alexstraza story is possibly the best part.
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