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Think cheating isn't rampant (yes, even on good-old GH), you only have to look at the numbers and watch trade chat for proof ...

For the past week, cheats have been offering Crimson Death Chargers in trade chat for 25-30k, roughly 1/2 the "market" prices for these mounts (yeah, I know it's ugly and it doesn't fly but it's still a !@#$% to acquire). On July 13th there were roughly 100 of these mounts offered for sale across all US realms. On August 2nd there were over 888. Really? And these numbers only reflect those actually listed on the AH, not the thousands that are sold over trade chat. Just sad.

Same thing happened with Queen's Garnets (and yes, I bought a ton of "suspicious" ones well before the news broke of them being duped. I justified my purchase by telling myself they had to have been brought from a high pop realm to our realm but something just didn't feel right about it). There were roughly 15,000 of them across all US realms on 6/26. There have been around 15,000 across all realms since early May. However, on July 9th, there were over 42,000 available for sale on the AH. Again, these numbers don't reflect those being sold in large quantities in trade chat. There were huge quantities available here about a month ago and as a result prices on cut/uncut garnets went from 1500 or so to 500-650.

These dupers/cheaters/hacks destroy the WOW economy. They infuse high value items into the market, lowering the value of those items obtained by legitimate means. Unfortunately, what their presence on our realm also tells me is that there are a significant number of gold purchasers among us....

I report all "too-good-to-be-true" trade chat barkers and I encourage others to do the same. Blizz made doing so easy - click on their name and click Report.
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90 Undead Priest
QFT. (Edit: Except the gold buyer part on Horde side...remember, farming doesn't "add" gold to the economy, it only reduces the price of goods.)

It sure is nice to buy gems or whiptail and incredibly inexpensive prices, even horde side, but you have to know when there's 8 tabs of whiptail at less than 20g a stack that it's not legal.

It's especially troubling Horde side since you can flood a market with relative ease.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight

ICC is easy now so more people are getting shadowmourne and realizing they can get a lot more gold for their mount on an awful server like this one

Besides, there was a blue post a while back that said the illegitimate queen's garnets were hacked, not duped
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ICC has always been easy, but it's somewhat difficult to get the SM quest finished just based upon the amount of time that is required to get shards @ 5-10 shards a week (usually about 7). Seeing a single person selling 3 chargers for 43k at this very moment makes me believe they definitely bought them at the 30k price.

I personally talked to the person who was selling them for that price and tried multiple times to say, not that it was ruining the economy here but that he was actually losing money for selling them so cheap because he could get more. The only responses I would get were, "You want to buy?", "How about 25k?", "Are you interested in buying?". Warning flag. Anyone who is going to have someone intelligently tell them that they could be getting more for something and are in that much of a hurry to sell are obviously doing something shady.

But this doesn't ruin the economy here. Stuff fluctuates so much it's almost absurd in comparison to other servers. One day a gem will be 100g, the very next day it's 400g. It's going to keep be a crazy ride no matter what happens and no matter who sells hacked or stolen items.
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Your alternative to duping of the death charger would be a possibility if there was ANY increase in the other rewards - locket, m favor, tabard on the AH. They would all bring big cash outs and none have increased in frequency. There are only 17 tabards for sale total on US alliance AH....and they sell for 4x the deathcharger simply to make one glow.

Look at our AH - 4 death chargers and no other loot. Ask Brabrah who was recently flush with queen's garnets (stacks and stacks shortly after dupers reappeared in trade chat) and is now sporting a death charger for sale to show you his tabard and achievement. Who knows, I could be wrong.

Duped, hacked, exploited...does it matter? The point being the items are entering the market against the Rules, hurt the economy, and support those who illegally purchase gold. There are plenty of forum posts about duping/exploit of queen's garnets and death chargers...likely not a topic Blizzard wants to openly address in a blue post.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I both bought one and reported the guy.

I'm the worst kind of person.
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90 Human Priest
I both bought one and reported the guy.

I'm the worst kind of person.

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100 Night Elf Druid
I both bought one and reported the guy.

I'm the worst kind of person.

No bro you rock.
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