lol at best warrior on server

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this will be a thread for pvp'ers only.

my other thread was getting sidetracked by pve masters and i will make a thread for you guys shortly.

so now pvpers. here is whats up

I have been a jerk to a bunch of ppl in elwynn/durotar lately and I want to apologize to anyone I insulted. My friend pointed out I was being a jerk and he was right. I am sorry guys.

I was only trolling at first but i took it too far. I'm not the best pvper on the server, nor the best rogue on the server.

anyway, i dont mean to sound hypocritical, but there is so much hate going on in elwynn between pvpers. its ridiculous.

i've done arena with gladiators down to new players and i can honestly say there are 2 kinds of pvpers.

the kinds who look down on others and talk !@#$(they can be good players, but they can also be cocky and not be good. it doesnt matter. these guys are the ones that are least fun to play with. and i dont play with them )

the kind who helps others who ask, but are quiet players(they can range from really good to decent. but u will never find someone like this who sucks)

so lets go over that again
cocky-range: glad-nub

if you have arena'd WHILE having fun and laughing. it really doesnt matter how well you do, its fun. and THATS why i like to arena.

so this is for all you ppl out there who fancy urself pvpers. being a ***# only works if ur glad. if ur not glad and ur a ***#, no one is gonna want to play with u and u wont get better.

if ur nice, and train hard, and wait. ur time will come.

i'm going to train on some snow-covered mountains now, cuz i am still gonna make a push for glad and i need to get better to make that happen.

tl;dr lol no, read what i wrote u jerks, this took me like 4 min!
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Which one would i fall into?

cocky and loud,
quiet and helpfull.

personally i think im loud and helpful

i tend to feel the same way about the cocky rude players

you can help gear a new player, but you cant wash the summers eve off of some ppl.
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