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As some of you may have noticed, we've got quite a few events in the works as well as ongoing and weekly RP hours. With so many different events and so many different sources, I thought I'd make a place for people to post information about their events! I'll put any information I get on different events up here and keep this as updated as I can, changing stuff as I get more information about events as well as removing anything that's passed. If there's already a thread for your event, you could give a brief description here and then a link to the original thread. Currently there aren't any major events Horde side that I know of, but when I get any information on any, I'll add a Horde section.

Remember to join our RP community's channel, UnitedAD! Plenty of RPers there to answer any of your questions as well as to RP with. :3

If you have any suggestions or see any mistakes in these posts, please tell me! Although, I'd prefer it if you contacted me in game so as to keep this thread as clutter-free as possible. Some event discussion is allowed, but try to keep it to a minimum so events aren't missed. And please sticky this thread. I would love you lots. <3
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Ongoing: A Week of RP

Every week we have RP 'hours'. These are designated hours for RP. As our community grows and people start RPing more regularly, we will be removing these, but for now these make it easier for people to find others to RP with.

These RPhs (Roleplay hours) are held at varies times each day. Most of them are held in Stormwind, as that is the most populated city we have. While out-and-about RP is encouraged, most people find themselves in taverns across the city. Certain days of the week have specific RPhs that vary in style and location. We also have a meeting for people to discuss events, server progression, ask questions and more. As of now, we only have Alliance-based RPhs, but I will add a horde section whenever I get information about them.
We create calendar events for all of our RPhs as well as other events. If you'd like to be added to the invite list, contact Agalladorn and he'll add you to it.

Monday: Horde RPh
An hour for people whose mains may be Alliance, but still want to help out Horde side and experiment with new characters. These are held in a major city, and are to encourage Horde RP and bring awareness to their RP community.
Starts 9pm realm time.

Wednesday: Walk Around Wednesdays
Ever tire of the same old tavern? Maybe you're even tired of the whole city. On Wednesdays, we have an RPh where we pick a random major city to walk around and RP in. The point of this is to encourage RP outside of taverns and out in the open as well as explore new areas of the cities for more RP potential.
Starts 7pm realm time.

Thursday: RP Meeting
As mentioned before, this is a meeting made for people to discuss events, RPing, issues, guilds, storylines and so much more. They're held in Lakeshire, just outside the tavern. Anyone and everyone is allowed to come and contribute! Afterwards there's usually some form of activity, whether it's tavern RP, a plotline, or just a run or two through some dungeons/raids, feel free to join in.
Starts 7pm realm time, generally lasting 1-2 hours.

Friday: Dalaran RPh
Same general concept as the Stormwind RPh, only based in Dalaran. Because, come on, it's Dalaran. It's shiny and there's lots of inns and stores. So much potential!
Starts at 9pm realm time.
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Major Events

When posting about your own major events, please give an IC description/advertisement and then any other information about it that you can provide (i.e. location, date/time, attire, requirements, etc). You don't have to use the exact same format and such as I did, but something similar would make things simpler and easier to understand.

The Steam Pools Resort
Come one, come all to the Steam Pools Resort and spa! As most of you know, Deathwing's time has come to an end... But so have our overpriced rooms! For one weekend only, ALL rooms are 75% off! That's right! 75% OFF! There's never been a better time to take the family on a fun vacation or get away with that special someone! We'll even provide travel for your whole group!* So come on down to the Steam Pools Resort in southern Feralas. We can't wait to celebrate with you!
*One-way transportations. Only rooms 75% off. All other merchandise, food, beverages, and services still at full price.

Host: Mindiina.
Where: The Steam Pools in the mountains south of Feralas.
When: Date not set yet, since my availability's kind of sketchy right now.
Attire: Nothing specific, but beachwear is highly recommended!
What to bring:Anything for a good time! Food, drinks, toys, holiday items, etc.
Transportation: Summons will be provided, so no need to figure out where it is. There -will- be summons/portals at the end. I just added the one-way thing for funsies. Can't make goblins too generous!
Positions: If people want, they could play as resort staff. This isn't exactly a required thing, since really anyone could control the NPCs. I'm not picky. But yeah, contact Mindiina if you're interested in a staff position.
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Bump. This thread is important for any and all event planners, or those who are interested in attending said events! Please read :D
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Bi-Annual Celebration of Competition

Host: Catiana.
Where: The Argent Tournament Grounds.
When: Friday, August 17th. 2:00 PM ST to 7:30 PM ST.
Attire: N/A.
What to Bring: Monies for souvenirs/snacks/drinks.
Transportation: Summons will be available.
Positions: All positions are currently full, excluding competitor positions.

For more information, please read the event's forum post:
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Plot Master

This is a completely optional event, where you sign up to head your own storyline. Once a storyline is finished, the torch will be passed to the next person on the list, creating a constant supply of fun roleplay and story-building skill improvement. Send me mail in-game if you would like to be on the list!

The List:
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This thread is still open for any and all who wish to hold a RP event! I highly suggest posting here for any ideas.
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I do so apologize for lack of anything from me as of late. Had a schedule change at work so I am at work in the middle of EVERY event time. Sad Honadan is sad!

I am making an effort to do what I can, when I can to help out!
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