Power Leveling?

69 Night Elf Druid
I've been having trouble catching up with my friends lately, especially since my lower level friends are no longer needing my help leveling. I was curious if anyone higher level would help me do my dungeons and/or quests.
Thanks for reading.
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90 Human Warlock
With all the time and energy you have wasted in Trade chat and on the forums, you could have at least hit 70 by now.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Honestly, at your level, 'run thoughs' would be worthless, because of the XP nerf for having a high level in your group. You're better off just going through LFG like a fiend, or questing.

Maybe you could go with people in your guild? You could all queue together and it might not seem so bad.
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90 Human Death Knight
If you are having difficulty finding groups or the looking for group queue is taking too long, I would suggest picking restoration as your second spec. I looked at your armory profile and some stats on some slots of your gear are off as well. If you have questions about what stats you should be looking for in your feral spec and in your potential restoration spec, let us know. I am sure people here can steer you in the right direction. Amalthia is right, an 85 running your through content at your level would probably be slower than specing resto and running 5 mans with the tool or just questing. Like I said, if you have questions, please post and ignore the flamers. Someone will give you the right info.
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you could run me through stuff
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