Anyone else not looking forward to MoP? Rant.

90 Orc Warrior
Farming new gear sucks and is repetitious and boring part of WoW and any other MMO.

New high stats are ugly and boring, really liked where cata was at with health pools and damage, new stats make a wuiyar head hurt badly.

Not looking forward to 2 different professions once again being best in slot like it has been the passed 2 expansions for arena.

Don't want to purchase another piece just to play WoW again.

I wish that Season 9 would have lasted longer felt it was short and some of the middle Wrath seasons were very short as well. I think they should release patches at a even slower rate so people can enjoy their hardwork longer or make more classes to enjoy... Personally I just want to pvp without having to farm a new set for a year or two.

More NPCs to waste gold on, quests not giving us more gold... we got 14g in bc, wrath was identical or less gold than BC counting all the new NPC purchases and in cata we still only get 16-22g... Doesn't seem like much. More quest gold means more people buying my auctions, which wont happen.

Druid/pally could definitely use triple spec as well as other classes. They don't seem to be getting it again.

Pet battles... Seems like another distraction that is going to pull people away from other areas of the game that we need them in.... Get a psp or firefox minigames or something keep wow sound on in background problem solved for people sitting in town waiting for raids to go down.

Things I like about MoP;

Cookie cutter will be easier, less bads, (Still people not keybound though... Seriously takes a good 2 hours to get used to 28hpal-40enhance keybinds that you can use on every class.... Just do it if you're going to pvp, saves everyone 20 extra minutes of arena. That's including the enemy because when I heal you, you can turn around and strafe instead of keyboard turning+back-stepping me to death.)

Micro talent management, no need for 2 arms specs, you will be able to have pve and pvp on the fly.

Mage Challange mode armor(looks amazing actually makes wow look like a 2007 game for once)... My mage will probably be my main and I will probably actually PvE for it.

Challange mode stat scaling also seems interesting...

Actually looking forward to seeing evil looking fat male pandas and the cute little furry chun-li's although once again blizzard has made bladestorm look as bad as the draenei's animation.

New zones / content / gear graphics / Yak looking mounts

Made this in Nathrezim instead of beta areas because interested in nath's view on MoP... Both of my guilds are craving it badly and others as well from what I've seen.
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