We are looking for players with a keen sense of adventure!

With Mists of Pandaria just over a month away we are looking to recruit a few more to add to our ranks of our raiding guild.

A little about us;
- In the Mountains has been a strong raiding guild since Mid through Wrath of the Lich King.
- We are highly focused on progression and will down all foe's that stand in our way.
- We have been ranked in the top 5 spots of raiding guilds on the server for the last 4 years.
-We strive to help out our fellow members in the best capable way that will help them progress with this guild IE. Helping gear to get you ready for raid progression.

What we expect from you;

- If you would like a core raid position in this guild we require you to be readily available when called upon for raid times.
- We expect you to ALWAYS be online and ready for raid invite 10Min prior to raid time start. (If raid time is 7pm we start pulling trash at 7pm)
- Punctuation and a willingness to help your fellow guildies achieve the best in progression
- Vent is required (no exceptions)
- Raid times (unless otherwise instructed by the Raid leader due to unforseen cicumstances with real life) are set in stone and will not be changed accordingly. be on time.

We hope to see you within our ranks shortly, If anyone has any questions regarding recruitment, post them here. or visit us in game.
Ib, Kylista, Aseem, Kasspar, Sunomi, Chyros.

In hopes of raiding with you soon. we wish you happy hunting in the new lands of Pandaria.