BLIZZARD - Please merge this realm!!!

90 Night Elf Priest
When I joined this server it said Medium pop. and it still does. However, NO ONE IS EVER ON! It's ridiculous. The economy is terrible. Get w/ the times Blizzard. I refuse to pay your ridiculous $25/char fee to switch servers. It should be $5 at most because I'm paying a subscription fee and it's a GAME! You're slippin' Blizz... Don't even get me started on how the electronic-download version is the same price as the box...
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yeah, I kind of have to agree. If I can post something in /2 and it never gets scrolled off the screen at peak playing times...

Either that or they need to make it free xfer TO aegwynn from high pop realms. anything at this point would help
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85 Undead Death Knight
This server is so dead I can't even enjoy the content, and they're smoking something if they expect me to pay money to transfer my toon to a new server. Most of the time there aren't enough people online to get raid groups together, and if you happen to fill a 10-man, they're all in pvp gear. Wipe-central. The only content I can consistently run is in LFR.

Overall, you feel really isolated. The AH is empty, the world is empty, except for a few dozen people running around Org being trolled by Moldybread. I'm going to start a toon on a new server, but bummed that I lose all my heirlooms.
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90 Night Elf Priest
08/12/2012 11:55 AMPosted by Azræl
Either that or they need to make it free xfer TO aegwynn from high pop realms.

08/16/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Votann
This server is so dead I can't even enjoy the content, and they're smoking something if they expect me to pay money to transfer my toon to a new server.

08/16/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Votann
I'm going to start a toon on a new server, but bummed that I lose all my heirlooms.

I don't want to lose this char and I have just about every heirloom :/
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100 Orc Warrior
I used to be on Aegwynn. It was my home server; I had 3 85s on it. (I was formerly Óne, for those of you who may remember; also Outsmart)

Best money I ever spent was getting off of that server.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I used to play on this server before Xferring to Kil'jaeden, and it is dead, but there are options, you can lvl a new character on another realm, you don't have to worry about losing mounts, achieves, or anything like that so it makes it easier to have a fresh start. Or pay the $25 which for most is not an option, or you can simply find some way to make Aegwynn more interactive, like possibly making a WPvP night, like on KJ monday nights is WPvP night. I feel as though when I was on Aegwynn there was enough people to have at least 20v20 in some place in outlands or something, also another good idea could be some sort of bounty hunter forum thread, where people can place a bounty for another player, and whoever kills that player 1v1 gets whatever the payment offer was (Screen shot with date and time for verification).

All I'm saying is that if you can't leave the server, you can try and improve it. I see recruitment posts, and posts showing the problems, but none offering any sort of solution or help. As far as the economy and emptiness of the AH, that is something that may never improve on a low pop server. Although with the cross server zones being implemented (Aegwynn hopefully will be picked early) world PvP as well as social lvling etc shall improve.

Another good point I would like to put out to you all is the use of 3rd party websites for securing raids, and or RBG's. The use of RealID is amazing when you take advantage of it, a few useful websites I found are * you can use this site to find any raids able to be completed cross server or even heroic achievements. * This website is great for finding cross server RBG's (Season is over but next season) I used it all the way to 1900. I still have 85 alts on this server and I would like to see the level of play improve and I feel as though this can be achieved. Anyone looking to do premade BG, raids, or even heroic achieves, pretty much anything feel free to add my RealID ** *justin.reardon3* is skype

Happy hunting Aegwynn
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1 Tauren Paladin
^^ BS
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100 Human Paladin
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87 Undead Rogue
Merge Aegwynn with someone else to save it!!!!!!
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100 Worgen Death Knight
I used to play here. It was the first server I played on and still have a couple 90s here. I xferd my main too Proudmoore a little while ago and moved the guild there aswell. I was pissy about dropping the money to do it but glad I did. The game is so much more fun now. I made sure to bring a complete set of heirloom gear of every type so I can level alts. Blizzard isn't gonna do !@#$ for u so the only way to enjoy this game is to take ur toon somewhere else. I honestly wish I would have done it sooner. I didn't realize how bad agewynn sucked until I went to a high pop server...... Best of luck.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Aegwynn is terrible since derpcrusher killed Carried.

If you are Ally go to Sargeras already
If you are Horde, Mug'thol it up

p.s. for the wynn....ethan memories.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
I played on this server in late vanilla to early wrath, and quit the game. The server was burnt to a !@#$ing crisp, and the gameplay was getting boring. I came back at start of cata or so, and the server was somehow worse than before. I joined another server, which was said to be a med. pop server, but I didn't know it was a 1 allie: 5 horde pop server. It's a tad better, but jesus. They need to merge already.
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Aegwynn #1!!
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12/23/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Agi
Aegwynn #1!!
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80 Draenei Death Knight
You all seem to have missed the sign out front as you enter.

Months Behind!

It's how this server has been since vanilla... Most of the top tier guilds reach a point and then transfer. It's just part of life.

For the record you don't need to pay to xfer. You could just re-roll.

I remember back in bc when there was talk of merging aegwynn... Didn't happen then, wont happen now. Like it, live with it, or GTFO mai server brah!
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