Leatherworking Kit for Sale 1-525

I have a complete Leatherworking power leveling kit for sale. It includes everything you need to learn the profession from skill level 1 to 525. This is the perfect opportunity for somebody (like that serious raider) to re learn a craft before MoP drops.

The main reason I put this kit together is because Monks are going to be the hottest thing come MoP. As most know Monks will wither wear Leather or Cloth.

The kit was built using the following guide:

And for all my fans out there who say. BS he doesn’t have it or think this is a joke. Here is a link as proof I have said items.

I have used the profession guide found here:


What you get is the following:

- 57 Ruined Leather Scraps
- 130 Coarse Thread
- 15 Medium Hide
- 75 Salt
- 260 Light Leather
- 160 Medium Leather
- 197 Fine Thread
- 31 Gray Dye
- 20 Heavy Hide
- 195 Heavy Leather
- 410 Thick Leather
- 145 Silken Thread
- 410 Rugged Leather
- 35 Black Dye
- 92 Rune Thread
- 100 Knothide Leather Scraps
- 307 Knothide Leather
- 28 Fel Scales
- 212 Borean Leather
- 65 Heavy Borean Leather
- 100 Crystallized Water - You won't need all of these if you use Arctic Fur.
- 5 Eternal Water
- 50 Savage Leather Scraps
- 375 Savage Leather
- 168 Heavy Savage Leather (840 Savage Leather)
- 68 Volatile Fire
- 8 Volatile Air
- 28 Volatile Water
- 32 Volatile Earth

For those interested here is how the purchase will work: There is no set price, but at the same time don't think I am 'giving it away', as I spent countless hours farming, buying, building, etc. . . this kit. So you are paying for my time, the cost of the mats, and the TIME YOU WILL SAVE when it comes to starting a new profession.

+Should you purchase this, you will need to provide a level 1 alt (or your main i don't care) who will be invited to the guild.
+All tabs will be read only so you can review everything is there that is advertised.
+If you are satisfied we will do a person to person trade of the agreed upon purchase price. At which point I will make all tabs available to you to withdraw your items. At that point in time you will have 1 week (7 Days) to remove all merchandise from the bank tabs and will be removed from my banker’s guild.
+Should you not remove everything within that time frame I am sorry but you will be SOL. This is not to be an !@#, but I have three other profession kits in the works and will be up for sale very shortly so I need the storage space for my next customer.
Edited by Pawnstar on 8/16/2012 9:03 PM PDT
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Blizzard just announced patch 5.0.4 so the time is now to purchase. Still entertaining offers.
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Looking to sell this by the end of the weekend.
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90 Night Elf Druid
You'll be better off advertising this in-game as these forums aren't very busy ...
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Yeah i have been doing both trust me. :D just covering all my bases. Also engineering kit sold earlier this evening. Leaving just this one up for sale.
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I still have this one for sale.
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