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Hello Uldamanians (Uldamites?) and welcome to my achievement runs thread. Over the next many, many weeks/months, I'll be running a series of achievement runs and mount farms for content both old and relatively recent. These include clears of Ulduar10/25, ICC10/25, RS10/25, BoT, BWD, To4W, Firelands, and many other BC and Wrath raids. When DS becomes available via cross-server raiding, I will begin doing achievement runs and mount farms for that raid as well.

All of these runs will be done through OpenRaid, a popular cross-server raiding community that makes it easy as ever to form raids for anything from achievement runs to just kicking back and experiencing some content you've never had a chance to see. In fact, anyone would do well to register on the site if they've any interest in this sort of thing at all. Link below!


While I will not require you to sign up for the raids directly via OR, I do ask that you only contact me requesting a raid spot if you are absolutely sure that you will be able to make the designated date and time for the raid in question.

Now, while I do give preference to Uldamanians, raid spots cannot be guaranteed for anyone not signing up through OpenRaid. So, if you're really interested you may want to go register. More on this in a bit.

How do these raids usually go?

Smoothly. Friendly. Low-stress(-ly?). When doing more difficult achievements such as T12 metas, Sinestra, or Heroic Rag, I may be a little more splintery in my criticism of constant failure, but everyone is bound to make mistakes (even me), so I have a few rules for these runs which apply to everyone:

  • Zero-tolerance rage policy.
  • I don't put up with people getting up in another person's "face" over a mistake they've made. If you have something constructive to say, you may say it, but keep a cool head or you may find yourself being ported to the nearest graveyard, if you know what I mean.
  • We do not yell or scream.
  • Pretty much goes hand in hand with the above rule. Yelling and screaming over anything will get you kicked faster than you can say "THIS IS MERELY A SETBA--"

    Like with most achievement runs, vent is required for each of mine. The exception to this rule is when we're running absurdly easy content such as BC raids. I don't accept contest to these rules nor is "my vent won't work" an acceptable excuse for anything. You don't have to talk, you just have to be able to listen.

    Loot will almost always be set to Group Loot. The only exception is when we start doing mount farms in places such as ICC; during mount farms, ML will be active.

    How do I obtain a raid spot?

    The easy way is to register on OpenRaid (link: http://openraid.us/a/66145), go to my raid page (link: http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raidsby/0.126524) and sign up for the raids there. You're almost guaranteed a spot when signing up via OpenRaid.

    Alternatively, you can post here with interest or send me mail in-game with the following information: your spec, item level, and which run(s) you're interested in attending. Please only try to sign up this way if you are absolutely sure you can attend. If you sign up and then don't show up, it's very unlikely that you'll ever get invited to another one of my runs. Please be faithful to your commitments, even if it is just a game.

    Signing up through these forums or in-game will get you a reserve spot unless you're extremely geared or experienced. Guaranteed spots go to those who take the time to register and sign up on OpenRaid. Lastly, those who consistently attend achievement/mount runs will typically receive priority invites for future runs.

    You'll find the following week's raid schedule on the next post. Hope to see you around! :)
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    No longer updating this. These realm forums are mostly dead, so you'll just have to watch out for my in-game spam and check out my schedule on OR to find out what exactly we're doing.

    See you in-game!
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    Reserved for future use.

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    Bump for an updated raid schedule.
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    New raids posted!
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