<Undead Coven > was formed in Wrath and raided on Nesingwary until patch 4.2 allowing us to transfer to a much better realm. We are now on Chogall realm. The realm has a great economy and a 1 to .04 horde to alli ratio. We are looking to push for progression in MoP and are looking to find some good key players to help fill these vital roles.

Raid times during progression (Mists of Pandaria) MOP:
Monday - Wednesday 8:00 p.m. central to 12:00 a.m.
Attendance - We ask that all raiders maintain at least 90% raid attendance, as we only raid 3 days a week.

What we expect from you:

Dedication- we want people who are dedicated to our cause of becoming a high ranking and progression guild.

Reliability- we want people who can show up to raids and who can give us advanced warning if something has come up and they cannot make it for whatever reason

Competitiveness- we want you to be constantly striving for server best and even world/us best. This means you must take the time to research and learn your class to provide us with the utmost of your abilities

Recruitment needs:
Tanks :

Druid Healer- High
Shaman - Medium
Paladin – Medium
Mistweaver – High
Holy Priest – High
Disc Priest - Low

Melee DPS:
Warrior – Low
Dk – Low
Rogue – Low
Druid – Low
Palidan – Low
Shaman - Low

Ranged DPS:
Mage – High
Warlock –Medium
Boomkin – Medium
Shadow Priest – High
Hunter – High
Shaman -High

Personality - Outside of raids, We pvp, level alts, and just mess around. We're looking for out going people who take raiding seriously, yet still enjoy other aspects of the game.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact :Treeodeth on Chogall or speak to me real id at jeremyslaughter@ymail.com