<The Phoenix> is currently recruiting! We're an "Aggressively Casual" raiding guild that focuses on accomplishing our raiding goals -- 25 man Regular and Heroic progression -- while still maintaining a friendly, casual atmosphere outside of raids. While we enjoy performing at our best in a raid environment we also value real life responsibilities over a game.

We have cleared all normal Cata content, and have progressed into heroics. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7-10pm server and use the EPGP loot system. Our raiders are expected to maintain a 50% attendance rate.

Recruitment Needs: All

** <The Phoenix> is having open recruitment in preparation for MoP. Any interested players, regardless of class, are encouraged to apply.

You can find out more about <The Phoenix> at our website, http://phoenixofkultiras.guildlaunch.com , or by contacting Meredith, Tanfana, Cryoknight, Berenin, Wildelyna, or any officer in game. We're all happy to answer any questions you have about The Phoenix.