Hey there,

I am looking for a casual weekend raiding guild (prefer 10man). I cleared normal mode DS in week 3 of release (not on this toon) and haven't really done much on WoW since. With MoP coming up soon I decided to pick up WoW again and I 'm really looking forward to doing some raiding in that. Because of my weird class schedule (I'm a drinking-aged college student if you are concerned with maturity) I will not be able to take on a temporary, more hardcore raiding schedule when MoP hits.

I am more than willing to do a trial run in LFR or normal mode!

Some misc information about me:
- When not raiding I plan on doing a lot of old content, farming mounts, and leveling professions.
- I enjoy making alts and especially relish pvping on my lowbie rogues
- Been playing on and off since Vanilla
- I never raided until Cataclysm but ended up doing 9/12 T11 prenerf, 5/7 heroic FL, and 8/8 DS (so I'm a fast learner!). Unfortunately I cannot provide proof as I no longer have my old main
- I have led several PuGs and I would be willing to raid lead if you really need one. However, I have not done DS in a while so not sure how good of an idea that is until I do it at least once to refresh my memory.
- All of my experience is in 10mans

I would be very happy to join either a group of people totally new to raiding, an alt group, or anyone else willing to have me on the weekends! Feel free to message me ingame or reply to this thread.
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