Destine Stoica is recruiting for 25 man raids in MoP. We are a veteran group of talented players who know all areas of the game. This includes: Raiding, Dungeons, World PvP, Random and Rated Battlegrounds, Arena, Professions and general leveling. We will help you with whatever you need to make you the best player you can possibly become. We have fun while progressing and we take care of business on a weekly basis. We will recruit you if we feel you can help us progress to 25 man heroic content quickly. We also will take people who have alts that want to run 10 man heroics after 25 man raids. On non-raid days we do serious PvP which keeps you sharp. If you need help learning your class or if you need gear we will be glad to help in any way we can. We are looking for some melee/ranged dps. We are in need of some good warlocks and a rogue or two. If you are an exceptional player we will still recruit you either way. To sign an app go to or give Lucidity or Coillrua an in-game mail. Our interview process is simple yet effective. I hope to be playing MoP with one of you some time soon.