Legion of Laughter's base mandate is to have a friendly group of easy-going people. If that is you, then this is definitely a place you can call home. We are almost level 13 with 106 toons at all levels, 7 bank tabs, vent, website, help, rewards :)

If you want to raid but are not quite geared we are willing to take you through heroics and such to get your almighty ilvl up to par.Unfortunately we cannot accept any druids, mages, priests or Rogues into our core raiding group at this time. The others have fine alts so we can compromise If raiding is you're is your interest. (our main tank, warrior is 6/8h DS but he can also go pally heals)

Unfortunately due to bank robbers and people simply coming in to take advantage of a nice, friendly, helpful guild you will be on probation for a pre-determined timeline. Many of the members are my real friends and family and I would like to extend that friendship to You!!

Happy Hunting!! Yours truly, Sequani