Knights of Myth Drannor is a level 25 Casual guild that has been on Lothar since Vanilla. We are currently recruiting mature players, and would like to make it known that most of our player base are 30+. Current raids are set for Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 8:30PM.

Our goal is to recruit and build solid groups now that MOP is here.

Tuesday and Saturday nights are raid nights at 830EST to 11:30EST
We also have some members interested in running old content, so other guilds that are on Lothar send me an in game message to see if we can coordinate something.

About Knights of Myth Drannor:
We have mumble for voicechat.

Send a message or whisper Stormraven, Ragetank, Lainon or Ilsemune for more information.

New players and server transfer folks are welcome! Folks that grief people and cause guild drama on Lothar will be kicked and noted to other guilds.
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