[H] DS (25-man) GDKP Run this Sat. @ 7st

85 Troll Druid
Hello Wildhammer,

A few people have been expressing interest in a GDKP run so I thought I would set one up.

This run will take place this Saturday August 18th at 7 server and will be hosted by NAUTICAL.

What is GDKP?
Heres the GDKP concept in a nutshell:

- GDKP stands for "Gold-DKP". It can also be known by similar names such as "Gold runs", "GKP runs", "Cash runs".
- Items which drop in your run are auctioned off in raid chat. The highest bidder receives the item and the gold they pay is added to "The Pot"
- Profession Patterns, BOE's, Essences of Destruction, Disenchanted Shards etc are all auctioned off in this manner as well. Everything that drops.
- "The Pot" keeps growing in value until the end of the run
- "The Pot" is split evenly at the end of the run to all 25 players in the raid present when the final boss dies. Everyone gets an equal share.
- There is no mainspec > offspec priority, its gold which determines who gets what.

(For more info visit http://elitistjerks.com/f15/t77416-gdkp_run_discussion_spread_your_server/)

How to get an invite
Please send mail or an in-game tell to Sanguinarion or post here specifying the following:
- name of toon you intend to bring
- ilvl and intended role
- gold you are looking to spend (apprx)

We will be bringing a mix of people; some after gear, some after gold. Sending me a message or posting here does not guarantee you a spot.

- No items on reserve
- No main/offspec rules, bid on what you want
- Gold is distributed evenly at the END.
- Raid leader receives no extra loot/gold for being raid leader
- no private messaging of bids

- If you afk or dc for more than 5 minute without notifying the RL (or having someone do so on your behalf) you are replaced.

- If you continuously mess up on mechanics you will be warned and then kicked.
i.e. you stand in fire = you are kicked

- Any actions that are aimed to purposefully slow down or wipe the raid will result in a kick and a perma-ban from all future NAUTICAL hosted GDKP runs.

What will we be doing?
We are killing bosses on regular exclusively (don't whine about achievements).
We may do some heroics in the future if it is apparent the group can handle it.

For any questions, comments or concerns, please post here or contact Sanguinarion in-game.

Edited by Sanguinarion on 8/12/2012 7:18 PM PDT
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90 Tauren Hunter
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90 Tauren Warrior
This is hands down the most elaborate troll I've ever seen. GDKP for DS! The hilarity of it.
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I'm gonna make so much money!
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