[H] GDKP DS25.

85 Worgen Druid

I'm still laughing, i wanna troll moar. feed me plz.

In the meantime, I'll explain the Feng fight to you.

You aoe da adds, boss gets dmg buff of 600%, moar adds spawn, u kill dem moar. Instead of saving Ascendance for da boss.

Let's break it down moar for you. What's better, on Heroic Madness you kill the Mutated Corruption amirite? Basically he saved ascendance for cataclysm, I used it on the mutated corruption. The person who used it with Cataclysm will do more DPS, but won't help you kill the fight.

comprende? k go home bai

It isn't my fault you can't play very good on BETA. I am glad you FINALLY comprehend those fights. Sean did a good job teaching you.

I will enjoy watching you "lead" your guild into the ground. You may as well pay for a name change and call it Demise version 2.0.

Hell you didn't even understand how to do Heroic Warlord correctly as a disc priest back at 5% nerf.

You are the one responding trying to defend your position. Are you sure you understand what a troll is?
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85 Worgen Druid
Oh just found out you already know you don't stand a chance at leading your guild so you are planning on apping to a guild a Zul'jin if your guild hits the fan.

Guess who is winning.

<--------THIS GUY
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85 Worgen Druid
08/22/2012 08:51 PMPosted by Incendioo
It isn't my fault you can't play very good on BETA. I am glad you FINALLY comprehend those fights. Sean did a good job teaching you.

Do you understand engrish? Are you missing a chromosome? I used my big cool down getting us to the 600% dmg increase quickly, while the other ele shaman saved it and made his DPS higher. Do they both benefit the fight? Yes. Is one better than the other? No. l2learn fights?

I did Warlord correctly as a disc priest back at 5% nerf, if not, what did I do wrong? Please tell me qtpie.

Lead my guild into the ground. Hmmm.
Want to look at the epeenbot of our members in Demise? I didn't lead it into the ground, the guild did. We had terrible players, I attempted to replace them, it didn't work out, I left. Now I'm surrounded with better players (supported by our logs).

I'm pretty sure I'm not defending anything considered your a closet forum troll not want to give up your mains name. For all I know you are a cutie stalking streams and armories all day foaming at the mouth wishing you were a good player. Keep dreamin. xoxoxo

Someone better than you.

The guild leader is who makes the guild. You couldn't bringing in the decent players like Goldy or Shad. You lack the skills necessary in order to do that. What do you do?

You swap servers and take over for someone who is stepping down. That doesn't make your good, that just shows you tap out when things get tough.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
lol this Damenon guy is pretty funny. I'm pretty sure everyone and their grandma raided with TM at some point on the beta because they always need people when we log on.

Does that mean we're all going to join TM? Hell no, who would want to have to deal with Sean all the time?

Good try though, buddy.
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90 Orc Death Knight
08/13/2012 08:10 PMPosted by Glormon
gdkp with a month left in the expansion lol
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Since Incendioo helped us create this guild on Turalyon we havent had any problems like in Demise, logs will prove it, this guild has much better individual skill than everyone that was in Demise under Holytravie's leadership.
#Callmemaybe kthxbai
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08/23/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Incendioo
Wait wait wait....look at who Blades and RiP has picked up in the last year, all their core members are the good players, I mean, RiP picked up DB....lulz.

First off don't call out any members in my guild weather they are social or raider. DB's guild fell apart and joined us as a social with option of moving up. Also we we have not had to recruit many people since we killed Madness 160 days ago because we do very well at retaining our members. RiP is still a young guild.

I am happy you are doing well, but don't forget you talked to me about joining Reign in Power multiple times before you moved servers, and to say I did not think about accepting you to RiP i would be lying. You are a good player. However, just being good is not all it takes, having tact and be liked by people around you goes a long way.

I also recall few times in firelands that you asked what we did on such and such fight, so not sure why you on such a high pedastal. Now you have surrounded yourself with better people that is cool, congrats. But don't bad mouth a guild for a player they picked up that you know nothing about.

I mean anyone can see that you just like to complain so I will not respond to any of your I am sure childish responses.


====== Tag of a true troll, you see i have one name i post under I don't hide =======

boomtreebear dockelki holytravie stanimax tbearskijr xtravie
incendiio incendio incendioo incendiox rutilustwo
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90 Orc Warrior
This thread took a strange turn about.
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75 Human Mage
I take a break from the game and look at all the fun times I miss out on lol. So Travie is at it again. Same ole same ole.
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90 Orc Warrior

look at dem parses, owait.


oh noes my secret is out, I'm not actually a good player...wait no we already knew this.
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