Hello, today i would like to recruit a friend. I am interested in meeting someone that will level numerous characters to 85 and that will still be playing in MoP. We will be playing horde on wildhammer, but we can also move to other more populated realms for the fun of it (i would like to keep wildhammer as the main realm though) I will be listing some pros and cons on what i can offer.
~ Fast leveling
~ Wide knowledge on classes
~ Tips (ive been playing since early B.C)
~ Extensive Hours
~ Commitment
~ Once 85, i would be interested in doing 2s, we would also raid, bg , ect.
~ You would be friends with a panda ;]
Cons :
~ You would need to make/pay for the account.
~ I do have work but it is usually in the mornings

Reply to post if interested and we will take it from there :)
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