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Since the other one has become inactive and outdated. and as usual there are 5 new guilds popping up every day, we could use a new place, and possibly one that doesn't require one person to update all of the guilds info, so rather, each guild leader can just post a comment, and edit it any time they need to change the info. no need for any comments, and any attempted trolls will be reported as spam.

set up your guilds recruit msg how ever you want to. include what your guild focus is tho, to help ppl search for the guild that best fits their play style, and help find what each player is actually looking for out of the game.

some examples are( casual, or hardcore)
PVE, PVP , Leveling , gathering guild (not many but used to be a few that all they did was farm and explore, and play the AH)

TIP: if you are using the looking for a guild, when you apply to one, make sure to type" /who (guild name) " and whisper a member and ask for a officer, to let them know you are online if they want to invite. Its really hard to catch possible recruits while they are on. esp if they are alts you don't play often.
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<Bladefist Mafia>
casual PVP/PVE

over 300 accounts/600 members
over 5 years old (4/21/07)
lvl 25 (soon 30)

general raid times are 6 pm sever. main raids are tues, fri . mon
but raids/pvp groups can/do form anytime
cheeves, collecting , mounts, rare items, transmog runs, what ever we want to do, its our monthly fees. pst in game for more info or an invite

edit a "cheeve" is slang for achievement . to avoid any other confusion with in game slang.
pvp= player vrs player
pve= player vrs environment (mobs)
NPC=non player char.

the age of a guild is useful to some, who are looking for a guild that has lasting power, bc who wants to work really hard , and put a lot of time and effort into a guild with poor leadership, or constant drama that will just disband or be sold in the long run. to have a guild for over 5 years, and never drop below 500 members, with the same leader, is not unheard of, but its also not very common.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Guild Bank stuff of Deathpwnu

1 account/1 member
Over 5 years old! 5 years, 8 months, 17 days, 16 hours, 47 minutes to be exact! (12/14/06)
lvl 1 (soon 2)

general raid times are never. Main raids are never.
but raids/pvp groups will never form anytime.
cheeves, collecting, mounts rare items, transmog runs, what ever we want to do, its our monthly fees.. actually no, we dont do any of these.
pst ingame to not receive any further info because I am never on this toon.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
I think Cheeves was a goalie for the Canadiens back in the 70s? But that doesn't make sense...

<China Cat Sunflower>
LFR Farmers

over 0 accounts(1)/1 member/6 toons
Like a year old I think but wth cares how old your guild is?
lvl 10 (soon 9)

general raid times are whenever the queue can squeeze us in
but raids/pvp groups can/do form anytime/never
cheeves, collecting , mounts, rare items, transmog runs, what ever we want to do, its our monthly fees.
wait monthly fees? srs?
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100 Human Warrior
ango is like 42 lol
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09/01/2012 02:59 AMPosted by Hunyati
ango is like 42 lol

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90 Orc Death Knight
I knew Ango back when he main tanked for us in Midnight, before SSC was released.

And yes, he was an old man.
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100 Human Mage
Saints of Exodar -

Raid days/time: Friday 6pm server/9pm EST, Sundays 6pm server/9pm EST and Monday is clean up day. We also change days and times based on people's schedules, etc.

Focus: Casual, Social, Raiding (all content), Achievements, Dungeons

Info: Family friendly, understand people have RL stuff, 8/8 Normal DS and have downed Morchok in Heroic. Helpful people, guild repairs, 25 man vent. Contact Fancia or Brunbax or type /who saints of exodar to find a member online for more info.
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85 Tauren Paladin
<The Mini Mafia>
alt and leveling guild for Bladefist Mafia. for anyone lvl 1 and up.
focus of the guild is to have a place that is built for lvling, in other words, the bank tabs have gear youcan actually use, profession mats you actually need, and players that are closer to your lvl, rather than trying to get lvl 85s to help (gl with that). once you get to lvl 70, if you choose , you can move to the main guild, or you can say in the mini mafia, or go to any guild you choose.

rules are similar to bladefist mafia,
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90 Dwarf Paladin
<Custo Immortalis> Facebook group by invite only
Raid Days/Time - Tentatively Mon,Wed,Friday, 6P.M. ST
Focus: Casual 10 man Raid and RBG
Mature guild, created in 2009. Close knit members who aim to progress through content in a relaxed, fun manner while maintaining performance measures. Ability to add on teams to suit your every alt's needs ; )
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