To Misha From Apostlex/Refonix/Pimploljkqt.

85 Human Warrior
In recent conflicts I have discovered a new side of myself just by watching this one single video on youtube
I wish for every single soul on Misha-US to watch this video and tell me what you think about it because I personally think this video and bring Misha together as a whole. Putting all the trolling besides I would just like to say that you should Buy my [Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger] and join the guild Keeping Sanity by doing this you will not only feel better about yourself but have a new view on life.
With having this "new" view on life you can be kinder and accomplish more things not only on WoW but in the real World just look at Truewans post on how Wow reflects into your personal life.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Sounds like you found a side of you alright... Hiding in the closet! Shwing!!!!!!!!
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Alright... I just got home from work and actually watched that entire video... You sir are a seriously socially miss guided !@#$ed up individual if you actually follow any of that brain wash garbage. Or your just a complete sensitive %^-*... The problem with theses type of situations are not the individuals stroking their epeens and blasting violence onto the face of these sissy interweb browsers... The problem is the individuals having their entire lives crushed over something that was said to them through the interweb... Anyone who deals with the internet should be fully aware of what type of violence and ignorance is on it and thus be prepared to handle it appropriately; especially somebody who is doing business for a prolonged period of time which is why that woman in scenario A is !@#$ing stupid and the scenario itself is complete bull %^-*. Also people use online dating web sites because they either A) don't have the time to experience dating from a 'socially' norm case or maybe their social web isn't big enough or B) hasn't had any luck with the 'socially' norm and therefore is giving the interwebs a shot... Statistics show that the majority of people who actually participate in online dating do so with little hope or faith in it actually happening; which is why dating websites use that type of slogan approach for their tv advertising and online campaigning. The video was a complete load of care bear garbage and your a @!* for buying any of it... You are probably the same type of artard that cry's about little girls and boys being made victim by sexual online predators when your 13 year old daughter goes into a chat room and starts complain about how wet and horny she is... but hey its 100% the creepers fault and only his... Id kill him and beat my daughter within an inch of her life... The same way I beat Tito in wow every day rofl.
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90 Orc Warrior
this kid ..
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