Bal'a dash, Hordies.

A channel has been made for a while, but it seems that some of you are still unaware that it still exists. No, there wasn't a fancy thread made specifically to announce it's existence. We, being myself and my guildies who created the channel, told whomever we knew that RPed to join the channel and tell anyone they knew to join it.

It would appear you may be out of the loop.

So, when you log onto your character, and you RP, /join HordeOOC to connect yourself with fellow RPers on the server.

And just a simple reminder, The Chaos Order hosts an RP event every Thursday at 5:30pm server. "The Ebon Imp" is a tavern, located in the abandoned area where the quillboar used to be, in Mulgore. It is a tavern that is looking to entertain new guests. It's open from 5:30 server till people clear out. When it opens, the staff have summon taxis avaliable for anyone who isn't sure where it is, or is just lazy.

HordeOOC, gogo..