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The Order of the Dragon is an RP-PVP guild that has been a part of Venture Co for 2 years. We strive to be a part of everything the WoW has to offer. From our Guild and Allied raids to the RP and PVP events that we host. there is somthing for everyone in the Order and its all done with an RP flavor(which makes it taste just right). we have no problems teaching new players the ropes and help them get what they want out of WoW. There are plenty of Veterans among the Order to get information from.

We are looking for Mature players of any class any lvl that have at least some interest in RP. You dont have to be good at RP or even have RPd before. there are more then a few members that where interested in RP when they joined us and now attend all the RP events. Having RP at the Core of the guild really allows it to flow into PVE and PVP aspects of the game.

the guild is divided into 6 different Dragonflights (Red,Black,Bronze,Blue,Green,Gold) each with there role in the guild. depending on your spec and interests in the game is how you are placed into each of the Dragonflights. we are Based out of Kirthaven and as more then a few horde will tell you we defend it fercely. Kirthaven is also where we host most of our events. we have RP events at least once a month where the whole guild and many of our Allies get together and Drink, Duel, and RP with each other.

Red Dragonflight --- Healers
Blue Dragonflight --- RDPS
Bronze Dragonflight -- MDPS
Black Dragonflight --- Tanks
Green Dragonflight --- PVP
Gold Dragonflight ---- RP

We are part of an Alliance of several RP guilds on the server. We defend not only our land but thoes of our allies so there is generally some WPVP not to far off. We also have a wednesday night FightClub with the same allies where we either do RBGs, Duels, Wargames, or WPVP all depending on the number of people that are in attendance.

currently we have 2 Raiding teams one 3/8 heroic the other just starting heroics. we have several people that have been raiding since the golden age of 40mans all of which are willing to teach new raiders. With Mop around the corner we already have our plans for a core team to hit 90 Asap and start leading raids into new content.
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100 Orc Death Knight
Good group of people to RP/WPVP with. Besides Thuugom needs more dwarves to stomp on...muahahahahaha

Highly recommended Alliance Guild!
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Hey everyone reading this thread. I would just like to add my 2 cents to what Yarrick said.

The thing that really sets us apart from other guilds is our ability to have a relaxed fun atmosphere and still maintain a high level of skill at the game. For a long time I thought that in order to do heroics in this game I had to be in a guild where skill came first and personality came second (and just so no one reads to much into that, Order of the Dragon is the first guild I joined since I transfered to VeCo). Order of the Dragon puts personality first but does not skimp on the skill and it has really been a great experience for me.

The other thing that really sets us apart is that this guild caters to every player. What do you want to get out of WoW? If you want to do arenas, we cater to you, if you want to do raids, we cater to you, if you want to RP or socialize, we cater to you. I personally am a Raider at heart, always have been, probably always will be. While I'm not big on RP I sometimes like to check it out and participate and even though I might not be the greatest I have my guildmates to walk me through it and help me understand what the expectations are. It's just something that I get to try in addition to my raiding.

Well with that novel I will leave you to the rest of the thread, hopefully my wordiness didn't deter people from reading my post! :D
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90 Worgen Hunter
Bump for publicity. These guys are great. Fun to RP with, great to raid with, and just all around genuine and laid back folks.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Hey everybody out there looking for an awesome RP/PVP/PVE guild to join. This guild has got everything you are looking for. We usually have an RP event almost every week with all of our allied guilds, and we are also 3/8 heroic in dragonsoul. We alsio use the EPGP system so all loot distribution is fair and just. Also we run old raids for achievements and mounts every week. We are also a very casual guild everybody is cool and nice and we are just looking for some new recruits to help our guild carry on over into Pandaria. So if you like what you see here just hit one of us up and come join The Order of the Dragon
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Just curious (obviously not gonna be joining so you totally don't have to answer) but what do you have the diff dragonflights represent? Since you said you get placed based on your skills/interests/etc.
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lol sorry i forgot to add that to the RP section. the flights are broken down like this:

The Red Dragonflight Blessed by Alexstrasza the Life-Binder are Healers

The Blue Dragonflight Blessed by Kalecgos are DPS casters and RDPS

The Bronze Dragonflight Blessed by Nozdormu are MDPS

The Black Dragonflight Blessed by Neltharion (before his corruption with the help of Nozdormu)are Tanks (Black dragons where ment to be defenders of Azeroth before there corruption)

The Green Dragonflight form our pvp flight

The Gold Dragonflight are the Rp Dragonflight
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Nifty. Thanks for answering and best of luck in your recruitment =)
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Sitting a top of Thunderstike mountain sit the Masters of the Order of the Dragon each riding a mighty Dragon each looking at the others. With a flash of fire and a burst of life Alexstrasza appears before them.

She speaks her wispered words carrying the wisdom of many ages "Across the great ocean the spawn of Hellscream is leading his people back to Darkness. He plans to strike against Theramore the Heart of the Alliance in Kalimdor." she contiunes "he must be stopped he cannot be allowed to undo what Thrall worked so hard to establish." she looks over the Noble warriors gathered around her before speaking again.

"There is no rest for the weary again we must go to war. Gather your forces and allies take wing and defend Theramore!"
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I was never a guild person. The first one I joined was horrendous... no help, no advice, hardly more than 5 people on at any given time. Then I found one that was enjoyable until it disbanded... several server transfers later I found my home in the Order.

I've been with the Order since late March and I haven't looked back. The multitude of choices with getting involved in is just astounding. If I don't feel like doing one thing, I can always find someone to group with to do something completely different. The attitudes and values of every member is proof that there are guilds out there worth becoming part of. I wish the very best to all VeCo players and welcome anyone interested in joining or allying with the Order!
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This Saturday is our Heart of the Mountain Tavern event in kirthaven for any and all RPers that would like to come it starts around 6pm server and goes on until theres no one left.

the Horde is welcome to try interrupt the party.
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This weekend is the Theramore isle RP. If anyone is reading this and is interested in the guild that would be a great opportunity to get to know us and to let us get to know you. It will probably be quite chaotic as we are expecting the Blacktooth Grin to show up along with their allies. It should be a great time!

It starts at 8:30 server time (EST) at Theramore Isle. Whisper me in game if you need a calendar invite.
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The Theramore Isle RP was a huge success as we had about 50+ horde show up and 60+ alliance show up. We successfully repelled the horde for over an hour. We really got a good taste of what cross realm zones are going to mean in the future as well.
Remember if you weren't able to attend last night's event we have another event coming up on the 23rd starting earlier at 7PM server time. This is going to be an assault on Orgrimmar so we're going to need every able bodied VeCo soldier to participate!
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The Order of the Dragon is ready for War on the 23rd are you?
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
Im going to go ahead and put this here while I work on a new post for MoP. The Order is pressing hard on leveling and getting a team to experience the new content, already we have someone at 90 and a good group of people in the 89 range. Our goal is to start raiding the new content as soon as awe can get a solid 10 man group together. That being said we are currently recruiting all races and classes, everyone is competing for their raid spots starting now.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter

Awesome guild who promote great Wpvp events and always bring a fight where ever they are! Including four winds... I JUST WANT TO GET THE DAUGHTER TO SAFETY! ROAR!

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90 Worgen Warlock
Watch yourself Blood Elf... Boot licking won't save you. I welcome the challenge, though you will have make sure there is a challenge. Other wise your corpse will just become a hassle to clean off the battlefield.

(( MAN I love being apart of the Order. It I enjoy Yarrick and how he runs the place. I enjoy the fighting with the horde and I really enjoy having fun with these guys. ))
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92 Troll Druid
If Yarrick or another wpvp coordinator could get in touch with me to plan an event, that'd be great!
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90 Orc Warrior
I'll give this guild a bump. Lots of fun to pvp with, no QQing, no disrespect. Look forward to the next event.
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