Hey folks,
We have been running a few of these Firelands raids in recent weeks, helping folks get legendary quest items (I got a bunch more weeks for siphons ughhh lol) and Firelands Rep, transmog gear, etc. If we get enough decent raiders signed who show up we can do 25-man and if not will do 10-man. So, if you have a toon that would benefit from going or if you just want to raid FL, sign up on Openraid.us (see link below) or send in-game mail or whisper to me or an officer of TheCore and maybe we can add you to the in-game calendar invite.
PS>> New podcast coming up in a week or two. :-)


Firelands 25-man on normal. SUN Aug 19 at 5 pm PST. Siphons and (12) Embers reserved. Cinders on rotation for those who need them. Good run for Firelands Rep and Transmog gear. Ventrilo required. Guild and OpenRaid run. Looking for more to attend. Thx!

Firelands 25-man (normal)

Guild and OpenRaid run for legendary quest items, rep and transmog gear. Alliance guild, TheCore on Maiev, is hosting. (www.thecore.wowstead.com)

Smouldering Essences: Reserved Tarandus
Eternal Embers: Reserved Warkristal (if gets 25/25 then open or on rotation for others on quest who need them)
Seething Cinders: On rotation for those on quest who need them.
Any mounts drop, on open roll.

Goal is 6/7. Ragnaros dependent on group.
All bosses on normal.
If not enough sign up, may go to 10-man.
Raid is scheduled 5-8pm Pacific.
Be on time and prepared.

Ventrilo REQUIRED. Do not sign up if you can't/won't use Ventrilo. (Vent info will be posted before raid.)

We are a family-friendly guild and ask you please keep that in mind in vent and raid chat.