Do not buy Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger


90 Dwarf Hunter
Buyer Beware!

The reason there are a flood of them in the last few months and the reason for the insane price drop is that they are the product of an exploit.

Blizzard will issue a wave of mass bans as they always do in these situations and remove all sold mounts. 99% of the time they do not refund gold.
90 Dwarf Paladin
I can only hope they do. Makes mine so much less unique =[
85 Night Elf Druid
I really do not see blizzard punishing people who are buying mounts by taking them away. There is no way to tell if the mount that you bought is from a guy who is exploiting or someone else who got the mount by legit means and is only selling it at the going rate at the time.

(yes, I do have the mount but I only hope I get to keep it)
90 Worgen Death Knight
+ why would you buy it its a quest item?
100 Night Elf Hunter
Op just doesnt want people to challenge his mount count!
86 Troll Shaman
Blizzard wont take away mounts because they are "Part of an achievement". I have found this out by purchasing the god awful "Reins of the Golden King" and trying to undo it got told "No way josé by a GM" That part about the GM may or may not be entirely the words they said but they didnt give me the g back so there!
96 Human Paladin
Can a paladin mount a crimson Deathcharger??
100 Human Warrior
Isn't there another deathcharger you get from stratholme? and Lok yes you can.
90 Dwarf Hunter
Beware draenor AH has been getting more dupes this last week

TCG mounts
mottled drake
big battle bear
blazing hippogryph
Possibly more...

as well as
vial of the sands
crimson deathcharger

If you come across something suspiciously cheap its probably not worth the risk of losing gold.
how cheap? or is this an advertising scheme?
90 Dwarf Hunter
below 40k is suspicious
90 Tauren Paladin
They won't remove them. Duping has been going on all expansion on Mal'ganis and I still have yet to hear of a buyer being banned. If you're worried, buy one and put in a ticket asking if it's a legit item.
90 Dwarf Hunter
Actually ive personally had mounts/pets removed before months after i bought them off a shady level 1.
90 Blood Elf Priest
I have other things to sink my gold into .. I know there are mount collectors out there who might be tempted, but anymore with the account wide mounts,, being unique is getting harder and harder these days.

I really seems like Blizz does not want anyone to feel or look specisal. Oh well Not much I can do about it

But the old adage if it looks too good to be true it usually is... and that means Buyer Beware
100 Human Priest
so i just bought a deathcharger for 15k today, and now after reading this im freaking out thinking it may be a dupped item. That was all the gold i had on me. Better not be a dupe and if so, will i get my gold back? if not that would be BS.
90 Pandaren Shaman
i bought a cheap deathcharger from a guildless level 1 months ago and i still have it.

of course, i assume mine is a legitimate mount and not a duplicate.
90 Tauren Paladin
12/20/2012 06:05 PMPosted by Emporerchris
so i just bought a deathcharger for 15k today, and now after reading this im freaking out thinking it may be a dupped item. That was all the gold i had on me. Better not be a dupe and if so, will i get my gold back? if not that would be BS.

You'll be fine. Waves upon endless waves of duped Deathchargers have hit the Mal'ganis market over the last six months or so, and I have not heard a single report of one being taken. Not a single one.
They should be removed from the game, and the gold should be refunded.

Duped items ruin eco.
90 Dwarf Hunter
30k duper accounts banned
Refrain from buying the Blood Spirits from the level 1 priests that barley speak English and only sell in bulk of 100.

Most likely duped or Chinese gold farmers transferring around selling them on different servers.


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