WTB DPS (HM Spine + HM Deathwing)

90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Over the past few weeks there has been some difficulty within the core group; moving houses has resulted in the absence of one of our raiders for an undetermined amount of time. One of our other DPS is too busy jerking off to show, so rather than !*#* around trying to train and gear a DPS (that could take longer than what time we have left before MoP), I thought I'd just buy someone for a few weeks.

What I want:

A solid DPS that is capable of pulling the numbers. We're on a Spine/DW grind, so you don't have to worry about wasting time with the first six bosses. You don't need to join the guild (nor would I expect you to). I just want to put you on loan for two or three weeks. The tanks are 8/8HM on other toons/servers, and I ensure that my raiders at least watch the fights and study them.

Raid times - Wed/Fri 2am-5am ST


For your time:

50k per boss kill, and if you're melee, heroic Gurth/No'Kaled if it drops. All gear will be rolled on rather than Loot Council'ed. Can negotiate on this price. I would like to point out that I expect 24k from you on Spine.

I'm doing this for completely selfish reasons, so you'll only have to answer to me. I simply ask that you keep your insults to a minimum, and trash talk about me in trade during the day because I'm at work during that time frame.

What I don't want:

An ilvl lower than 390 (because believe it or not, four set makes a difference), someone without the VP trinket, and people who are just plain bad (even worse than me. And I set that bench pretty low.)

If you're interested, send me an in game mail or try and catch me online. Chances are I'll be afk though, so just whisper me with your offer.
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