-For MoP I am looking to continue healing on my resto druid but the way the account wide systems are looking would be very willing to go in as disco priest as well Looking for a new guild due to current guild changing to 4, 4 hour raid days.

the +1

A friend from an old server who is just as competent of a player. Best on his kitty/bear, but can mage or enhance/ele/resto shaman just as well.

What We're Looking For

-A progression minded raiding guild that plans to raid 12 hours or less for MoP.
-Times ranging from 6:30 pm to 11 pm Central Time, preferably a 3-4 hour raid.
-Guild that is social outside of raids as well, doing alt/achievement runs.
-Guild that is LGBTMNOP friendly.

What We Bring

-I've been healing since Naxx 25, he's been dps'ing since then.
-Dedicated to class knowledge and improving play of self and raid strat.
-Commitment. We have always stayed true to the guild we are raiding with.
-A biting sense of humor.

How to get ahold of me

-Mail me in game or post here with your realid (sorry but not posting mine on forum), or simply find me logged on.


2 players raiding for last 2 expansions looking for a progression minded guild that raids 2-3 days. One will play resto/boomkin or disc/holy. Other can be feral druid, mage, or enhance/resto sham.