"Better Than You" (BTY) (Level 25 Alliance, est. 2007) is looking for sincere, friendly, and experienced raiders for our MoP progression groups. We run 1-4AM Weds/Sat, 6-9PM Weds/Thurs, and starting up a 9PM-12 Midnight Tues/Weds group. We especially need a solid non-warrior tank, sham/pally heals, and RDPS. All raiders are required to be fully optimized in current patch specs, talents, glyphs, gear, gems, enchants, reforges, etc. There are no formal commitments or requirements other than to enjoy the game and show up on time with a can-do positive attitude for scheduled raids.

BTY is a freelance-style guild. Our members enjoy a safe, casual, flexible, relaxed, supportive, stress/yell/drama-free environment where people play when and how they want to play. Some of us enjoy new content raid progression; others prefer to level alts, dungeon, quest, explore and do achievements; many PvP, others work on their professions, collect pets and mounts, sit and chat in Stormwind, or play the auction house.

All levels, classes, specs, abilities, and play styles are welcome to enjoy the guild perks and social atmosphere but mostly we need good players wanting to learn, show up, and raid Progression 10s. We have a 7-tab guild bank loaded with many items to support your play-style and daily repair bills are subsidized for all.

If interested in joining BTY, please look for us in the in-game Guild Recruitment tab, message any officer online, or contact me via in-game mail. Thanks!
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