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Hey Hey HAY, Seymorbutts here!!

I'd like the start this post with who I am. I am a former officer of We Bring Hell. I joined We Bring Hell last year when I started playing PvP. At the time I had no idea how bad they were. After getting much better at PvP I decided to leave because of the way the GM Seeki, A 60 something retiree that threatened my life because I left his guild. Shortly after leaving Seeki and his friends started harassing me. Well much time has passed.

Today I decided to try and duel some persons from We Bring Hell. Instead of dueling me they just sat there and talked in vent working up some way to get me killed. So Seeki logged onto his horde blood dk, Seekipoo you can armory him if you want. And they told me that I should go and try to kill him. Playing along I pulled him far enough away from guards to fight him and started fighting him 1 v 1 Arms VS Blood. I won. Sadly I didn't have fraps up to show you how bad it was. He popped IBF before I even attacked him. He was Mind Freezing me?!? I didn't know I had a cast to interrupt. Long story I killed him and his friends who are sitting there watching me kill him are calling me a hacker and telling me I should turn my hacks off. All 3 of them said they reported me for hacking and then ignored me........

I'm posting this because I actually like to talk to these people and maybe help them suck less. If you see anyone of them duel them, If they decline just spam duel. Its for their own good. Oh BTW I got Seeki His 1550 achieve in 3s ask him if he remembers that
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88 Human Warrior
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because of the way the GM Seeki, A 60 something retiree that threatened my life because I left his guild.

Sounds like the same story I heard from everyone else who left his guild and all for the same reasons.
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No news here, move along.
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sounds like a made up story to me and yes there is a lot of cheats out there today. cheats that you can change your stats , speed hacks wall hacks and shild hacks. nude hacks and a bunch more.
and dont ask how you hack , when your hacking, make you look more stupid then you are
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