When did this server get soft?

90 Tauren Warrior
Productions makes me soft. Okay that's a lie, it moved a little.
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90 Gnome Mage
Productions makes you a limp noodle in a bg. LIMP NOODLES! It's Thai.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Heres a nice friendly chat me and Tempurlolz/Aimlolz had when he logged onto his rogue right after being owned and lost TB

02:22 [Tempurlolz]: lol tht was a epic flee from a 1v1 in tb .,,, had to get ur druid to even fight me come on
02:23 [Pebz]: Well she wanted to kill you so i just pointed you out and let her handle it....
02:24 [Tempurlolz]: lol she cnt touch me and ucant lol like isaid carryd by gear what happend whn iget the 2set bow staff ? you =( die
02:25 [Pebz]: i just pointed you out and let her handle it....
02:26 [Pebz]: I have a question did you just log on Temperlolz to $!%! at me how much better i am then you?
02:26 [Tempurlolz]: if ur better then me 1v1
02:26 [Tempurlolz]: woulda killd u outa tb if yace didnt help u
02:26 [Pebz]: You must of forgotten that beating in Dal
02:27 [Pebz]: Take your beatings like a man
02:30 [Tempurlolz]: you forget that you opend? and outside sw u got ownd and instant /afk so u didnt get ss
02:30 [Pebz]: I opened because you fell into it
02:31 [Tempurlolz]: u had open whit H bow /staff instant win lol and uget beat by LFR bow and staff with no open .,, not saying you a bad hunter just funny that everyone thinks ohh hes so good then runs from 1v1s and gets ownd
02:32 [Pebz]: Are you a child IRL? because you act like one everytime I beat you.
02:33 [Tempurlolz]: unever vs me 1v1 from whn iownd u its okay bro , lol we laugh everytime we see u .,, iget whispers saying pebz in tb get em we love watching u run
02:33 [Pebz]: Everytime I own you on Aimlolz you jump on Tmpurlolz to rage at me. Get in line you're not the only one
02:33 [Tempurlolz]: ill catch u outside sw <3 dont run you lil $!#% your not top hunter dont even think you are lol we all make fun of you
02:34 [Pebz]: I thought you were a decent Hunter/Rogue but i guess your a little child
02:34 [Tempurlolz]: its just funny tho
02:34 [Tempurlolz]: we all laughd when u turnd when u saw me
02:35 [Pebz]: I don't see why your raging right now when i owned you in that TB
02:35 [Tempurlolz]: lol u ownd me with 3 other ppl? lol
02:35 [Pebz]: I mean i let Badace do most of the work since she kind of hates you but i was like "Meh"
02:36 [Tempurlolz]: lol ur chrim shot hits for 30k on avg thts alot
02:36 [Tempurlolz]: and you cant say you let her kill me kus u were attacking
02:36 [Pebz]: When im Mark's sure but i was not Marks during that TB....
02:37 [Pebz]: I let her get the Killing Blow(Most of the time) and let her cheer in Skype
02:37 [Tempurlolz]: lol really hope she knows she cant kill me with someone else
02:38 [Pebz]: Well she asked me to help kill you so....
02:38 [Tempurlolz]: LMaoo
02:38 [Tempurlolz]: ijust want a 1v1 kus ugot me in dal and igot u outside sw we even right now
02:39 [Pebz]: Actually Stormwind does not count because you killed me while afk
02:39 [Tempurlolz]: uwerent afk dude u shot me whn ishot u
02:39 [Pebz]: Must of been some other hunter anyways you know i beat you 1v1 in Dal
02:40 [Tempurlolz]: your open and ididnt have the bow and 2set at tht time
02:40 [Pebz]: Sure we can go with that.
02:41 [Tempurlolz]: lol what iget you to 40% with tht stuff uwoulda been lower, maybe in Mop youll be top hunter =) whn my main will be mage
02:42 [Tempurlolz]: just no when u join tb ill be there =) just to find you
02:42 No player named "Tempurlolz" is currently playing.

Wow, what an entertaining conversation. Somewhere in there we were supposed to decipher that someone got totally OWNED but all I see is two morons with no grasp of the English language having the most lame and uninteresting conversation in the world. Good job on whatever you did, though!
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90 Human Paladin
She said that she came a couple times, i should make her pay me.
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90 Gnome Mage
Sup sup sup!!!!!
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