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90 Human Warlock
We have an oldschool thread with no mention of AotR? I'm disappointed.
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90 Human Warlock
Hey there.. I played on another toon on this server for a few years. I realm transferred to another server, but would occasionally check in on my Ally toon here...

What ever happened to All For One,aka AFO?

I had a lot of fun with those peeps back in the day...
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100 Tauren Hunter
What was it, again?

"On behalf of the boards of commerce and tourism, welcome to Nathrezim" ?
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100 Night Elf Druid
I just came back after 5 years. Where has all the All For One gone?
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90 Pandaren Hunter
01/10/2013 11:38 AMPosted by Eireann
I just came back after 5 years. Where has all the All For One gone?

Died, not sure a lot of the players that were once in the guild stopped playing long ago.

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100 Undead Warlock
I think what really killed this server was all the frustration from trying to kill c thun when aq came out. I miss when ml was still around had alotta fun in there will always remember neofusions grind to hwl n someone sayin somethen dumb on vent while we were raiding n neo freakin out on em n everyone laughin while he was. And for old school players what bout kardir stonedmage cheeseball hellraised cyka barcode moskau corleone kllm
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90 Pandaren Monk
im just gonna leave these SS's here... ps: hi to anyone i know :D

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90 Troll Hunter
Iwill always remember neofusions grind to hwl
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100 Undead Warrior
Silent Screams is one of the original guilds waaaayyy back in the day, although the people have changed inside its still going slowly and steadily not a massive guild but still adding anyone and everyone that wants to come have fun in it lol, and I don't think many of the original guilds are left anymore :S alot have xfered off slowly but surely and honestly have no idea why but because they have done so, this realm is slowly dying down but not out yet... so maybe they will open free xfers from full servers to here soon /cross fingers
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89 Night Elf Hunter
Some ppl left Ressurection and formed Fatum,
Ressurection xferd to Sargeras
Fatum dissolved
caught up with the Res/Fatum ppl on TFC horde. they are in Machete Squad 10 man raiding.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
there are only 2 people I can really name from the Horde side at least that still play. Rathamus who I don't think has been on in a while, and Wiredmana as for the server every time I log on my rogue its dead sad to say as it was my home and I knew some good players. Sadly almost everyone drifted away and apart as people ran out of things to do in Cata then in MoP people went for higher pop servers and better auction houses.
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100 Goblin Priest
I'm back, and running Booterang as a casual type guild for now.
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I've been on this server since classic wow first came out...
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with quite a few breaks in between and ya this server is defiantly dead.... ive never seen it this empty even in pandaria i am always coming across rare treasure.. back in the day I wouldn't have stood a chance getting that !@#$
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100 Tauren Shaman
Been on Nath since vanilla WoW and was in Dawn of Eldarie for quite some time. I know the guild still exists, but there is maybe one player who actually still logs on.
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LOL i remember dawn of eldarie, i was in that guild when it wa created :P i ant remember who was GM though :(
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100 Human Rogue
I've been playing this toon on Nath since April '08. I love this server and am saddened to see what it has become.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Come XVI make it happen. This is NT! I am back in the mix again. I def mis the good old BC OR days my friend.
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100 Orc Warrior
Anybody remember the day we camped Shattrath portals right around S2 dropped?

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Have been on Nath since the day of launch. Was in a few guilds that have long pasted into the nether - Frost Reavers (all orc), Eternal Torment, Nine Devils, Strength in Numbers
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